Friday, August 11, 2006

Don't Count Out The Sox: Game 114 Thoughts

And that's a White Sox winner! 5-0!

-Absolute gem today by The Count. Simply magnificent. He looked like pre-herniated disc Jose. He was absolutely dealing. (I'm running out of ways to praise him). I was surprised to find out that this was Jose's first career shutout. He allowed four baserunners all game ( 3 hits, 1 BB); he didn't give up his first hit until there were two outs in the sixth. In all he threw only 101 pitches, compared to Verlander's 98 pitches in 5 innings; talk about effieciency.

-I will admit I was fearing a performance like Randy Johnson's game against us. I was afraid that after losing the no-hit bid, he would blow up. Thankfully The Count isn't a run down, over 40 year old. At least I'm assuming he's not over 40, you can never tell with those Cubans and their birth certificates.

-It was important that Jose went deep into the game, so that the 'pen could get a rest. I didn't think he would pitch the whole game, but that was a nice bonus.

-The offense racked up a good number of hits (15) but had trouble plating runs. At one point, the Sox had 8 hits and only 1 run. Mercifully, the Sox blasted two 2-run homers in the fifth, courtesy of Thome and AJ. Every Sox player but Paulie had a hit, and everyone else but BA and AJ had at least two hits.

-Some people may be upset that Cora sent Cintron home, but I feel that was a good time to send him. We were having trouble scoring against Verlander and there were two outs. It did after all, take a perfect throw from Monroe to prevent the run.

-It's kind of coincidental that Pods has started hitting again, soon after Political Penguin called us out for bashing Pods. I will admit that I bash Pods a lot, but I'm also pretty quick to give him his due. Pods had two hits today, and wreaked some havoc on the basepaths. Verlander tried to pick him off and botched the throw. By the end of it, Pods ended up on third and scored the Sox first run.

-Big Ups of the Night goes to Tadahito. He is our hottest hitter at the moment and continued to play well today with a couple nice plays in the field.

-Hey Mags, cut your hair!

Sox Player of the Game

The Count (7)

Sox Record: 68-46


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Yeah, we hate Pods so much, he was our Player of the Game yesterday.

Now Mark Buehrle, he's a different story.

Ummm, this was a statement game. We told the whole AL, yeah, the White Sox aren't going anywhere. It'll be a fight to the finish.

8/12/2006 4:56 AM  

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