Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Hate Moral Victories: Game 112 Thoughts

Sox looooose 6-7

-This was a tale of two games for the Sox. They started piss poor, but came roaring back and nearly pulled off the 7 run comeback. I know it's a moral victory, clawing back like this, but I can't stand losing such an important game. It makes it even worse that the Twins came back and won earlier in the day.

-I'm sure you'll hear plenty about this from Bristol, but Randy Johnson did in fact go through six innings without giving up a hit. Gooch led off the seventh with a single. That hit helped the Sox change gears from shitty to good.

-Before I get to the good stuff I have to talk about the bad stuff some more.

-Garland looked headed for disaster from the get go. Damon led off with a triple. After Damon scored, the Yanks had runners on first and second with no outs and looked destined for a big inning. Garland wormed out of the jam, and proceeded to put more runners on base in the following innings. Ironically enough, Garland wasn't hurt by having runners on (except maybe by fatigue) he gave up the next four runs via three homers. One of which was to Melky Cabrera.

-In all Garland gave up six runs. One of those runs scored on Riske's watch.

-The Big Unit came into the game having failed to fan any of the last 52 batters he faced, but he took care of business early, striking out Pablo to lead off the game.

-The Sox ended up scoring two runs of off the Unit, and had the bases loaded with no outs. Then Ron Villone came on and stopped the Sox from putting another run up on the board. It was pathetic, we couldn't even get one run up on the board.

-At that point in the game, I admit, I lost all hope. I thought maybe if we scored 2 or 3 when we had the bases loaded we might be able to do something, but after we left emptyhanded I was fully discouraged. Until Tadahito and Joe Crede of course...

-So back to the good stuff. Tadahito hit a one out solo shot, and then came Joe. We readily joke about man crushes on different Sox players on SouthSideSox. At this point my man crush for him is developing to man love. Crede hit a three run jack to pull the Sox within one. After his homer in the bottom of the eighth, I basically expected the Sox to pull out the win. I didn't care the Mo' Rivera came on in relief for Farnesworth; hell, we beat Mo' yesterday!

-Alas, close but no cigar. (Pretend you don't know the outcome, and try and feel the tension and excitement of the game) Cintron predictably grounded out in the ninth, but then BA was hit by a pitch after going down in the count! We have a pulse! Pods weakly struck out (a bunt would have worked there). Then Gooch singled in front of 65 year old Bernie Williams. We have life yet! Thome stepped up to the plate. He ran the count to 2-0, and then he took a strike. Next pitch, it's left up a bit higher that Posada wanted; it looks like it's going to eek through the hole; but NO! Robby Cano backhands the ball and flips to Jeter game over.

-I'm back to being demoralized now. The Sox are a big tease, what can I say? With luck the Sox look at this as a confidence builder and aren't demoralized by falling ever so short.

-One funny moment. After Crede's homer, AJ followed by getting jammed so badly he fell to his knees. The cameraman then flashed to the Sox dugout showing Crede and JD cracking up.

-Big Ups of the Night to everyone who contributed to the comeback. So Pods, Cintron, and AJ you get no love from me tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Sox Player of the Game

I gotta go split vote here.

Joe Crede (11)

Tadahito Iguchi (6)

Picture function isn't working for some reason

Sox Record: 66-46


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

In all fairness, and to balance the negativity of The Buerhle Bile File, we really should start a section called I heart Joe Crede" cuz that dude is clutch.

I can honestly say that at the time of his atbat against Farnsworth, I just knew he was gonna come thru in some way. The match up was too heavily swayed in his favor. I thought he'd step all over a first pitch fastball; I was wrong -- he stepped all over a second pitch fastball.

Really, Joe is just a right handed hitting Robin Ventura. And we didn't even mention his early inning defense.

8/09/2006 11:31 PM  
Blogger Fornelli said...

I'm not gay, but I'd totally sleep with Joe Crede.

8/10/2006 12:50 AM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

Evil Empire took this one - but the Jedi will return tomorrow !!

I was at Comiskey tonight dieing,living,and dieing all over again with literally 1000's of Yankee jerk-offs who were somehow able to get tickets too. They are so annoying and I wanted that victory so bad to shove it up their ass!!!!
They're not like other out of town fans - they camp out here like its their personal turf - makes me want to get a scalped tick for tomorrow just to see us win and take the series and get in their faces with it. Shit...I think i need some of that sensitivity bullshit myself !

Yeah, there's points to rip about our performance tonight, but I'll just mention 2 - first is Jon Garland not being able to put Abreu away in the 5th - he had 2 strikes on him and Abreu must have fouled off 3 pitches, then Jon just left one center-cut and boom- 2 runs. Seems he lost focus and just gave in to him - same with Cabrera too
Second - with 2 on and no outs in the 8th and Crede up with 3-0 count - I know we're down, I think 5 runs at that point, I also knew the weak part of our lineup was coming up. Joe has been red-hot and I would have tossed the book and let Joe have the Green Light there. Sure enough, the next pitch was a cock shot - middle of the plate, pecker high. joe would have destroyed it. But he took and eventually walked and then as you know, all 3 of those runners were stranded. We did go on to score 3 more the next inning, which was awesome - but we never got those earlier ones in. That was just one of those times where I would really have liked to see Ozzie call for something that may not have been "book-smart" but was "this team at this time" smart.

I really enjoyed the 9th inning drama, but it does hurt alot to come up a buck short.

Paulie, Iguch, Dye and Crede especially were real players tonight. MacDougal looked very good too !

You take Pods and shit-can him as far as I'm concerned now. He's useless. I'd play Mack there in LF before Pods or Ozuna anymore.

Sorry I'm more bitter than usual. I need some sleep...

8/10/2006 12:51 AM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

Just for the record - I WON'T sleep or have a "crush" or any of that shit with Crede or anyone on the team.

Pods wife maybe - if she gets Pods' cooties off her, but that's as far as I go.

What will you youngsters get into next ?!??!!

8/10/2006 12:59 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention Crede's glove; I guess I got excited by his bat. Well, Crede had 3 or 4 great plays during the game, and they all seemed to come in quick succession.

And yes, Mrs. Pods is quite hot.

8/10/2006 6:41 AM  

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