Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Let Down After An Offensive Explosion: Game 143 Thoughts

Sox flop 2-5

-It seems like every time the Sox offense explodes with a good a night, they follow it up with a stinker. Just looking back from the middle of August (and I am leaving out the few times they had good nights back-to-back) we scored 12 followed by 2 runs, we had 10 followed by 4, we had 8 followed by 1, and today we had 10 followed by 2. Some consistency would be nice.

-It looked like the offense was raring to go. Gooch hit a two run bomb in the first, but after that we only managed two more hits for the rest of the game. I've got to hand it to C.C.; he pitched a beautiful ball game, going 9 strong, but the Sox still should have put up a better performance.

-Javy pitched a good ball game, as well. He went 7 innings, and only gave up 2 runs, while striking out 10. Naturally he gave up his runs in the 6th, but going into the game I wouldn't have asked for more. The 6th inning wasn't even that terrible. He just threw 2 hanging sliders that got hit. Other than that he was fine.

-The Sox lost the game in the ninth. The new found faith I had found in our bullpen has completely vanished. McCarthy is looking more and more ill-suited for the 'pen, and Cotts let yet another inherited runner score. Having to burn McDougal and Thornton yesterday really came back to bite us in the ass.

-So the Sox are headed out west. A win today would have made the plane ride out to LA much easier; instead, the Sox need to play well and win a series against a tough ballclub.

-I'm depressed. It was a crummy game. Poor weather, nothing exciting. I guess I'll take solace in the Bears and watch them pound the Pack, but before I go...

Onto the Awards.................................

Bad Ozzie Move of the Game: Burning Thornton yesteday, forcing him to go to BMac today.

Good Ozzie Move of the Game: I liked the lineup he put out there. I was worried about Dye with a bum knee and Thome with his hammy in the wet weather, but they were okay.

Play of the Game: Martinez's homer to lead off the ninth. It effectively killed the Sox hope of winning.

Big Ups of the Night to Javy for pitching 7 strong innings.

Sox Player of the Game - Not only did he manage to provide all of our offense, but he had a multi hit game as well. My reasoning for not selecting Javy is that it was close with Gooch, and he was the one that actually gave up the lead.

Tadahtio Iguchi (8)

Sox Record: 82-61


Blogger Jeeves said...

I was always glad we picked up Hester! He was unbelievable returning kicks, and he just made us all forget about Bobby Wade's troubles last year.

9/10/2006 5:37 PM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

gimme paulie tonight

9/11/2006 7:58 AM  

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