Saturday, September 09, 2006

As Far As Encore's Go, My Heart Could Use A Rest: Game 142 Thoughts

The Sox Cruise to a 10-1...Scratch that...The Sox eek out a 10-8 victory.

So James asked what the Sox would do for an encore, and they produced another heart stopping performance. Maybe heart stopping isn't the right term, but it certainly did make the blood boil and blood pressure rise.

-I was already pretty frazzled to begin with, after blogger decided not to work for me for the past 12 hours. I finally did log-in, just in time to witness Paul Konerko's 3-run jack. This considerably lowered my stress levels, but little did I know that this was just the quiet before the storm.

-The Sox offense was pretty damn explosive today. Every starter had at least one hit, and Pods, Gooch, Dye, and Paulie all had 3-hit games. The Sox were hitting singles, doubles, homers, and even managed a triple. Paulie sent two souvenirs to the bleachers and JD and Uribe each hit one long ball. Mr. MVP, fell a single short of the cycle, which I blame on his bloody knee. In the sixth, Dye made a ballsy catch to prevent a homer; he ran hard into the fence, hitting his head and knee on the chainlinks. JD led off the Sox' half of the inning with a homer, while sporting a badly bloody knee. It was like Schilling with the sock, but the blood stain was far larger.

-Not only was the Sox offense rolling, but Jon "The Ace" Garland was crusing as well. He made one mistake and gave up a solo shot to Kouzman-something or the other, and that was hit. He was even able to strand a lead off triple. He was effective and dominating, something we've come to expect from Jon.

-At this point (The bottom of the sixth), I didn't think things could get any better for us. We had 10 runs, 7 of which came with 2 outs; we were scoring via longball and via Ozzieball (See Pods SB in the 2nd); we were cruising toward victory. As the seventh started, I realized we had peaked and things could only get worse.

-My heart started to flutter come the seventh inning. Nothing major, just some David Ortiz sized tremors, but that was due to watching Sharapova playing tennis in her cocktail dress and moaning like a porn star. My heart started pounding a bit harder once I turned it back to the Sox. The Indians loaded the bases against Boone Logan; they then proceeded to clear the bases against McCarthy and Hermanson. In all we gave up 7 runs that inning. 3 to Logan in 1/3 of an inning, 3 to McCarthy in no innings, and 1 to Hermanson in 2/3 of an inning. So when we finally closed out the seventh, our nine run lead suddenly had shrunk down to 2 runs, and Sox fans all around the country were clutching their hearts. The Cardiac Boys were back in action. (Looking back on this, now that my hypertension has subsided, this may have been partially due to the fact that Stewart was in as catcher at this point.)

-Mikey MacD came in to clean up shop, though, and alleviate my fears. He pitched a solid 1 2/3 innings with allowing a baserunner. I will admit I was a bit worried when Thornton was brought in to face the final batter. I saw no reason to take out MacDougal who was dealing. It was the second time I felt that Ozzie had taken out a pitcher who was cruising too early.

-So the Sox followed up yesterday's win with, a win, which is a pretty decent encore. It is our first winning streak of the month, and it is progress. Perhaps, the next step is a ho-hum 5-0 win.

Forward, onto the awards.................................

Bad Ozzie Move of the Game: If Matt Thornton is unavailable tomorrow after pitching today (and yesterday), then putting him in the game was a terrible move. Mikey Mac was absolutely cruising, and there was no need to burn Thornton.

Good Ozzie Move of the Game: I like getting Hermanson in, during a medium-leverage situation.

Play of the Game: I'm going to broaden it to the entire top of the eighth. MacDougal completely takes the life out of the Indians. If they had scored their, the Sox probably would have lost, making this the most disheartening night of the season.

Big Ups of the Night: To Jon and Mikey MacD for showing the rest of the staff how real men pitch, and to the offense as a unit for putting up 10 runs.

Sox Player of the Game

Paul Konerko (11)

Sox Record: 82-60...The Sox are 3 back in the division and .5 back in the WC


Blogger DickdaStick said...

Sorry we had to use Mac and Thornton in a game like this.....we may need both in tomorrow's contest against a tough pitcher like Sabathia and with the early flame-out potential of Vazquez. So let's hope Javy's got, make it 9 ... good ones in him.

9/09/2006 11:56 PM  
Blogger Fornelli said...

I wasn't comfortable when Ozzie brought in Boone Logan with a 10-1 lead, and I was proven right TYVM.

9/10/2006 12:22 AM  

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