Monday, May 22, 2006

Game 44

Sox Lineup

Ozuna - LF
Iguchi - 2B
Thome -DH
Konerko - 1B
Dye -RF
Crede - 3B
Widger - C
Uribe - SS
Anderson - CF

Scoring Summary

Garland pitched a perfect first.
Zito pitched a scoreless inning.

Thomas hit a solo shot in the second. 1-0 A's. Crosby followed with another homer. 2-0 A's.
The Sox failed to score.

Kotsay singled in the third. Thomas singled, Kotsay to third. Crosby singled, scoring Kotsay. 3-0 A's.
Zito pitched a perfect inning.

Both teams were held scoreless in the fourth.

Thomas hit a solo shot in the fifth. 4-0 A's.
Iguchi walked. Thome singled, Tadahito to third. Konerko hit a sac fly. 4-1 A's.

Neither team scored in the sixth.

Thornton came on in the seventh with one out, and closed out the inning.
Calero pitched a scoreless inning of relief.

Thornton pitched a perfect eighth
Karsay came on in relief. Dye led off with a solo shot. 4-2 A's. Keisler came on in relief and retired Pierzynski. Uribe doubled. Street came on in relief Mackowiak hit pinch hit two-run blast. 4-4 Tied.

Jenks pitched a scoreless ninth.
Street pitched a perfect inning.

The A's were held scoreless in the tenth.
Flores came on in relief. Pierzynski walked. Mackowiak singled, AJ to third. Ozuna dropped a drag bunt up the first base line, with two outs, scoring Pierzynski. 5-4 Sox.

Sox win 5-4!

Sox Record: 29-15


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