Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just a few random thoughts...

The game today was kind of painful, especially when the Sox forgot how to catch and throw. I think the biggest blow was Micheal Barrett hitting that triple. I was really glad we weren't letting him have anything, and that 0-fer ending made me really mad. Although I will say, as someone who normally hates it when people boo players, for whatever reason, I really enjoyed the reaction he got at the Cell today.

Speaking of the brawl, I would be crazy if I didn't mention it. Of course if there is a fight it's going to start with Barrett and Piersynski. I should have known. Barrett drives me crazy because he gets into a fight like once a week and yet when he's interviewed he sounds completely medicated or something. He literally looks like he is going to fall over and die. He just walks around like a zombie with no personality, and then randomly can just explode. With AJ, you know what your getting, he never shuts up and he can be obnoxious, and that's fine by me. With Barrett it's like a time bomb waiting to go off, which is kind of scary.

The best part of the brawl for me was watching the replay and watching Podsednik and then other Sox guys. When you watch what happens, it's crazy because the second Barrett starts reaching for AJ, Podsednik is already heading towards the scene, and right after AJ gets punched, Pods is on Michael. And he never even punches him or anything like that, he just takes him down to the ground and holds him there, so that he can't do anything else. To me that's huge. That just shows the whole team mentality there. It was like a instant reaction on Pods part and that says a lot. He didn't add to the fight at all, he just took Barrett down. Then you let the tape keep going and it just seems to me that there are a whole lot of Sox players there before the Cubs players. And all of them looked personally offended that anyone would take a punch at AJ. I think that is so important for a team, and watching everything that happened yesterday I can completely see why the Sox are doing so much better than the Cubs. Even if they had D-Lee and Prior, they don't seem to mesh like our guys, and I think that is really the most important thing.

On a final note, as I said earlier, I'm not a big fan of the booing, and I really hope there isn't much tomorrow when the A's come to town. I know there will be some, I expect it, but I hope its not like Clevland, because I honestly felt uncomfortable listening to all those people boo Jim Thome. I've never been a huge Thomas fan, and obviously he has said and done stupid things, but I hope Sox fans take the high road.


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