Saturday, May 20, 2006

Game 41 Thoughts

-What a relief! The Sox needed this win after the debacle in Tampa. I know they were supposed to win, but it was still a reassuring victory.

-Buehrle looked a lot better today. He only surrendered two hits as he went the distance. He gave up an unearned run, that's it. He dominated, but it should still be taken with a grain of salt considering it was against the Derrek Lee-less Cubs.

-The Sox had the right approach at the plate today. After seeing that Maddux didn't have his best stuff, we waited and forced up his pitch count. We stayed patient even after he was taken out. We were smart at the plate tonight.

-AJ errorless streak ended today. It's a real shame, I thought he would get the record for sure. The tracker on the sidebar only lasted a couple days. He may have fallen short in his quest for most consecutive games without an error, but he does have the record for most consecutive chances handled without an error, with 963.

-Pods did well today. It wasn't even his stolen base that I liked; I liked how he completey messed up Maddux. Maddux had a rep for not being concerned with baserunners, but he was clearly affected by Pods when he was on base.

-Thomer! He's only two behind Bagwell.

-Paulie had himself a nice ball game. 2-4 with 3 RBIs.

-Let's keep the momentum going with a win tomorrow, to set up the sweep!

-Better luck tomorrow Cubs fans. It's amazing how one year can change my focus. Last year winning the season series was one of my top goals for the Sox, but after winning we have bigger fish to fry. Right now, this series is the Cubs' season, so better luck tomorrow.

Sox Player of the Game

Mark Buehrle (1)


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