Saturday, May 20, 2006

Game 42 Thoughts

-I guess I'll have to start with the brawl. AJ completely innocent. The more I see the replays, the more I"m convinced AJ was just trying to sidestep Barrett while trying to retrieve his helmet. Props to Pods and BA for getting involved and backing up AJ. Props to Oz and Joey Cora for getting in there immediately to protect their guys. I noticed Dusty Baker was no where to be seen.

-For a recap of the fight and what I think about suspensions go here.

-Lost in the madness of the fight was an absolute beat down of the Cubs (no pun intended). The Sox whooped the North Siders for the second straight game.

-Tadahito had an outstanding game going 3-3, with two jacks. His grand slam was the ultimate retaliation to Barrett's cheap shot. Tadahito ended up with 6 RBI's the most by a Sox player this year. This was Tadahito's first multi homer game of the year.

-The Sox actually didn't hit all that much outside of Iguchi. They put together some dangerous situations, but they came up mostly empty handed, which is a bit discouraging.

Freddy pitched well. He had a nice run going in the middle of the game where he just absolutely mowed through the Cubs. He ended up giving up 8 hits, but it didn't seem like that many. This was the second straight gem by a starter, but again I must note it was against the hapless Cubs.

-I love how Neifi Perez became the cleanup hitter after Barrett was tossed, and how Henry Blanco with his .053 avg was the sixth hitter. Hell, Anderson looks like Ted Williams when compared to Blanco.

-I liked the Sox approach at the plate. They saw that Hill couldn't sniff the plate, so they didn't swing away, they forced him to throw a lot of pitches.

-I just saw the replay AGAIN, and I watched specifically for AJ's helmet and it did infact go over toward where he was headed. He was making a bee-line for his helmet, so he didn't try and instigate it.

Sox Player of the Game

Tadahito Iguchi (2)


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