Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mad Dog (a non White Sox post, sorry)


That's how many wins Greg Maddux has. That number absolutely blows me away. Due to the fact that he isn't a power pitcher, people tend to forget how good Maddux was and Maddux is. 300 wins is such an incomprehensible number in MLB now.
Think about it, in today's game 15 wins is a pretty good season for a pitcher. Now if someone did that for 20 straight seasons, they would reach 300 wins, but hardly any pitchers last that long. Say a pitcher only lasts 15, which is still a pretty long time; that pitcher would have to avergae 20 wins a season. 20 wins. If someone puts up 20 wins in a single season, that pitcher will instantly be thrown in for Cy Young talks.

Tom Glavine looks to be the only pitcher that has a shot to join the 300 club. After that I don't know if we'll see anyone else with those types of numbers for a long, long time.


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