Saturday, May 20, 2006

Recap of the Brawl

I will try and be as unbiased as I can, but I will throw in my view and thoughts (in italics) of what happened.

Bases loaded, Brian Anderson up at the plate. He hits a medium length fly ball, and AJ tags from third (somewhat surprisingly). Barrett completely blocks the plate; by the time AJ gets to the plate the ball is still a few feet away.
Barrett can easily just step aside here, because there's no way they can get AJ at this point.
AJ barrells into Barrett, knocking Barrett over.
It was a hard collision, but essentially clean. It was no Pete Rose collision, and I heard some Cubs fans compare it to the collision Albert Belle had with the second basemen. The Belle comparison is just wrong. Belle instigated the contact, and he collided with a player whom you're not allowed to collide with.
Barrett went flying, and AJ tumbled, with AJ ending up next to the plate. AJ sits up and slams the plate with his hand.
No problem here, he's pumped that he made it, he has the adrenaline going after the collision.
AJ gets up and inexplicably heads in the wrong direction closer to the Cubs' dugout than the Sox dugout. AJ and Barrett brush shoulders. Barrett grabs AJ, and then connects with a solid punch to the side of the head, close to the ear, but more on the jaw.
I don't know what happened with AJ. I originally thought he was just discombobulated and stumbled in the wrong direction, because he was stumbling, he looked like a drunk. After seeing the replay it looks like AJ was going over to get his helmet, although Cubs fans will undoubtedly say he was just trying to start shit. Regardless, Barrett's punch was stupid. It was a cheap shot. Barrett had his pride hurt, so he took his anger out on the man that whomped his ass at the plate.
Pods who was standing near the plate since he was the next batter jumps on Barrett. The ump sort of gets in between those two. Mabry comes flying in from first base, and meets Brian Anderson. Those two have their own scuffle.
I'm impressed with Pods. He took on Barrett who is twice his size. I'm doubly impressed with BA. He laid a smackdown on Mabry. He threw some haymakers, he didn't quite connect with any of them, but then he jsut threw Mabry to the ground, and started wailing on him. This could be something that ignites BA at the plate when he comes back.
Anderson, AJ, Mabry, and Barrett are tossed.
I'm fine with these ejections. AJ didn't really do anything, but he was in the middle of things so I'm not surprised he was thrown out. I expect to see Barrett get suspended for 6-10 games. He connected with a solid punch. You hardly ever see such a solid punch in a baseball brawl. Brian Anderson for 3-4. Mabry maybe for 1, it's kind of hard to suspend a guy for getting his ass beat. AJ may get suspended just for being AJ; if he does that's utter bullshit.

After seeing the replay for probably the 10th time. It doesn't look like AJ is lowering his shoulder for contact. It looked like he was dropped his shoulder to try and avoid contact with Barrett. I know that makes me sound like a big homer, but that's what it seriously looks like.

James: And the replay showed AJ's helmet did fly off toward the first base side and he was probably going after it.

During the post game interview, AJ said he was just going to get his helmet, and that he didn't say anything to Barrett.

Barrett in his interview was pretty legit. He said AJ made a good play. He said he jsut reacted to AJ walking toward him after the play. He said he didn't hear AJ say anything, and he says he isn't holding a grudge.

Rich Hill is retarded. He just said that AJ shouldn't have done that, that what he did was wrong. What he failed to note was that Barrett was completely blocking the plate.


Anonymous James said...

Someone commented that the reason AJ was going toward first is that he was after his helmet.

5/20/2006 2:18 PM  

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