Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Plea to Sox Fans

I said this before after the Jim Thome game in Cleveland, but I'm begging all Sox fans, please do NOT boo Frank Thomas when he comes back. Frank is the greatest player in White Sox history. He carried this franchise in the 90's; without him we easily could have been the Kansas City Royals. Frank is the all time leader in OBP, SLG, OPS, BB, HR, RBI, & XBH. Among active players, he ranks in the top five for OBP, BB, HR, OPS, RBI.

Who cares if he wasn't a media darling when he was with us? He produced at historical rates, and as fans that's all we can demand of him. If he wants to try and live his life privately, all the more power too him.

So when you see this giant figure looming once more at The Cell. Think back to those gargatuan homers, to the clutch hits, to his ridiculously sharp batting eye, think back to that World Series we would have had in '94. Forget the comments of a frustrated man from this summer, from a man that had been booted from the only home he's known, who has had to battle injuries the past few years.

When Frank comes up, please, give the man his due.

All those years of service and production deserve your cheers.


Anonymous james said...

I agree Jeeves. I rooted and rooted and rooted for Frank all the years he played here, and if he said some things about the Sox this spring, it's only because he wanted to remain a White Sox his entire career. He was a little stung by the move, so let's give him a break...and if I were at the game, I'd be cheering my ass off the first time he came to bat.

5/22/2006 2:07 PM  

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