Monday, May 22, 2006

Welcome Back Frank

I'm relieved and happy that Frank received an appropriate reception when he came up to bat his first time. He received mostly cheers, with only a few jeers sprinkled in. It seemed like most fans even applauded his homer.

Way to stay classy, San Die- I mean Chicago.

Frank is raping us now, which resulted in a few boo-birds. I don't mind that; we already showed him how we feel about him.


Anonymous JCM24, SSS, ChiSox7 said...

Ok. This is not really about Frank. But its more about The Cheat at SSS. Its getting pretty annoying now. He has banned every one of my names now.

I am....

He has decided to block all of them, just because he can not handle people disagreeing with him. I have never cussed at him, or ever called him a name, or insulted him in anyway. I was banned the first time because I said.....

"I wanted to post about the All-star voting
Did not know I had to write a thesis paper on it. Lets try to go overboard, k? A little respect would be cool too, maybe if I would have said I was 30+ I would be treated differently. W/e its all cool.

PS: W/e means whatever. Had to make sure you knew that one."

It was in response to the cheat. Here is the link...

So yeah. So now everytime he figures out a new name is me, he bans it. Its pretty shady. I am not mad because I dont get to comment him anymore. Its just that I like to comment what other people say. Thats why i am there. I just want to tell you, and for you to pass it on that those 3 names are now inactive because The Cheat has decided that I am "A bad apple" and I can not post my opinions anymore.

5/22/2006 9:27 PM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

Well you're welcome to comment here as much as you like. And since you're being silenced by Cheat, if you're looking for an outlet for your thoughts, and you do leave some legit comments here, I could hook you up to post on the site, eventually.

5/22/2006 9:31 PM  
Anonymous JCM24 said...

Well i never realized I was so horrible. lol. I am apart of many blogs and forums. I have never been banned from any of them. SSS is the only site I have ever been "silenced" from.

AS I TYPE!!!! MACKOWIAC!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5/22/2006 9:36 PM  

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