Thursday, May 04, 2006

Game 28 Thoughts

-Bring out the brooms! (I don't care if it was a short set)

-My pick to click, clicked. Thome had a damn good game with a 3 run shot and a double. He provided all the offense we needed.

-Let's talk about who played and who didn't
Gload was in for the second straight day. He was solid, but not spectacular. He produced another hit, in only 3 AB's, again.
Anderson was on the bench. I thought after his heroics he would be in today. He did come in as a defensive replacement.
Speaking of heroics, Pablo was not rewarded for his performance last night. He should have played today short for Juan today.
Juan is going to be benched soon. He had another 0-fer day with a pair of K's.
I was a little surprised to see Jenks come in to close the game. He had a long outing last night, so I figured Oz would give him the day off.

-Jose pitched another gem. It wasn't quite as beautiful as the last 12 victories for him, but he was still dominating. He briefly reverted to the pre all star break from in the sixth. He had three walks, and walked in a run, but he rebounded nicely and pitched well. He smoked "king Felix." The Count, is now the AL's only 5 game winner.

-I think the most impressive stat is this... Ichiro 0-9 for the series. I know he's not having his best season, but that's impressive.

-Crede made an insane catch today. I'll try to pull up a link for it later, if I can find one. Until then, this description will have to suffice.

He slid into the tarp, caught the ball in the very edge of the webbing of the glove. The ball popped loose, and rolled off his body toward his legs, he kind of hackied the ball up, and caught it barehanded, inches from the ground.

Sox Player of the Game

Jim Thome (3)


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