Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Brian's Woes (contin)

Things aren't looking good for Anderson. (I suggest reading the below post first and then coming back here)

First off, he's not in the lineup tonight (according to foxsports). We'll see if that's true. If I was Oz I'd put Anderson in there, just to show confidence in him after talking about him to the media.

Second, Ryan Sweeney has been moved to CF in the minors. I don't know if he's just being tried out there, or if he's being groomed to fill in for Anderson if he continues to struggle, but either way BA can't be too pleased.


Blogger DickdaStick said...

Still feel Brian is our best option long range....glad now that Mack has all those earlier at bats to draw on while covering for BA.

Too bad Gload has been pulling splinters all year...hope he shows Oz something tonite - he may be needed alot this year

5/03/2006 7:20 PM  

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