Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Game 26 Thoughts

-I guess the broom has to stay in the closet for now.

-Pick to Click - I was wrong again. Juan hit one hard ball all game, but it hung up and was caught. He was 0-4, with 4 LOB.

-Speaking of LOB, the Sox left a total of 14 on base, for the second straight game. Where's the efficiency of last year?

-Cintron was up three straight times with two guys on, and got out every time.

-I know I said I wouldn't gripe about "Sunday Lineups" but I can't help myself. Why are we benching people in such a big game? I guess I understand most of the people Ozzie benched. Pods was out with the lefty on the mound and with the rain you don't want him to hurt his groin (more). AJ out because of the lefty. But why Cintron in at DH? Why isn't Gload in there, or Gload at first Paulie in as DH? Also, considering we are playing Cleveland, why not put Thome out there today and then rest him against Seattle, who we play next?

-Dye left the game after the second inning. Hopefully he didn't injure himself more. There are no reports on him yet.

-Wow, Widger is a tough guy. Belliard's bat slipped and nailed him in the facemask. Next inning he was up and hit a double, which was damn impressive. AJ did come on in the bottom of the sixth, though. Widger left with dizziness and an upset stomach. Sounds like a concussion to me. We'll have to see how long he's out for.

-Boone was lights out. He had 5 k's in 2.1 innings.

-Hafner raped us during this two game set. Grand-slam yesterday and a three run bomb today among a bunch of other hits.

-The Sox never looked like they would win this game. The high point of the game was when Paulie flew out deep to center in the first. After Hafner's homer in the bottom of the first, it just felt like the Sox were out of the game.

-Anderson and Uribe are slumping badly. They both looked terrible today, but at least Brian was solid in the field.

-I wonder how the complexion of the game would have changed had the ump gotten the call right and called Peralta out at the plate. It would have been 3-1 Indians, but the momentum on our side.

-The Sox had an 8 game winning streak in Cleveland snapped.

-With the loss, the Sox fell one game below the goal I set for them. I wanted them to win 6 of 8 on the road trip. They ended 5-3. They did match my readjusted goal after the Seattle series, but I had them dropping one in Anaheim and sweeping the Indians.

Sox Player of the Game

I'm going with Co-Players today, and I'll explain. Crede was solid 3-5 with the lone RBI. Had we won this game or had it been close I would have given it to Boone Logan outright. He was light out, but since it was during such a meaningless time of the game, I can't give it to him outright, even though he was the lone bright spot.

Joe Crede (2)

Boone Logan (1)


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