Monday, May 01, 2006

Game 25 Thoughts

-Yes, my pick to click was way off. I chose him just to give myself all the more reason to cheer for him. And yeah, so I could flaunt it over everyone if he played well like I had picked.

-Five straight wins against quality opponents. The Sox aren't just feasting on the Royals of the world.

-I love the fact that Paulie had the green light on 3-0 on his first inning homer.

-I'm a little surprised to hear all the boos cascading down on Thome. I thought the fans would have been more understanding considering he was a god in Cleveland before. It was sweet justice that he got the insurance run across in the ninth, putting a major damper on the Indians comeback hopes.

-Pods made a terrible play in the field, but balanced that with an outstanding day at the plate. He had four hits, three runs, 4 or 5 SB depending on how you count things. Earlier in the game when Pods was hit with the ball while stealing is technically considered a CS.

-I may being picky, but to me Pods still seems a bit slow. He doesn't seem lightning fast like last year. During the first half last year, you expected him to steal a base no problem. This year though, I half expect him to get caught. Some of the bases he stole today were pretty close, and Martinez literally can't throw anyone out. He hasn't thrown out a runner yet.

-Most players looked alternately great and horrible at the plate except for Pods, Mackowiak and Uribe. They put together solid days at the plate. Having Mackowiak around makes things a little easier for Dye. He doesn't have to rush back from his injury knowing Mack can hold the fort down in right.

-Javy pitched a pretty good game. His control wasn't the greatest, but he got outs when he needed them. He did a great jobe weathering the storm and only giving up one unearned run after the back to back errors by Pods and Iguchi.

-McCarthy pitched poorly again. This road trip has been real unkind to him. Hopefully Coop can straighten out what ever is going on with him. I still have a lot of faith in the kid though.

-The grand slame McCarthy gave up, pumped a new life into the Indians and the fans. This game was slowly drawing to a close, but credit the Indians for fighting back.

-Cotts didn't pitch well either, it may be fatigue. He pitched last night.

-Today was the most dominant we've seen Jenks since last year. He was lights out. Granted he did let in that one run, but it was on a broken bat dribbler. He stuck out three guys with three wicked hooks. Seeing Jenks like this has to scare the crap out of the opposition.

Sox Player of the Game

Scott Podsednik (1)


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