Monday, May 01, 2006

Game 24 Thoughts

-Bring on the BROOMS!

(Man I love posting that broom)

A series win out in Anaheim, let alone a sweep, is awesome for the Sox. It’s the first sweep against the Angels in Cali since 1994, I believe.

-This bodes well for our short set against the Indians.

-My pick clicked this time. Crede had a solid game today with a pair of doubles and a single. He hit the ball hard every time he came up.

-Garland pitched pretty decently, his statline didn’t look all that great, but he was one pitch away from a quality outing. He hit the target on Cabrera’s homer, a few inches inside and high, but Cabrera can hit that inside pitch and he deposited it over the fences. Garland did well to stop the hurt after that homer. Earlier in the season, like against the Royals, if he gave up some runs he would get rattled and let in a whole flood of runs.

-Garland always seems to catch the Sunday lineup. This may affect his mentality as a pitcher. I know that if I was pitching and Ozuna was in left (he wasn’t there today, but I’m just saying) I’d be scared as hell to have anything hit in that direction. I’m curious to see how Garland looks with a full complement of starters in the field behind him.

-Ozzie seems to love Thornton. Every time he’s in my heart skips a beat, but he’s been okay the last two games.

-Cotts earned his first career save. How weird is that? I could have sworn he picked up a couple last year.

-It was a typical Sunday lineup for the Sox today, and you know what? I’ve come to accept it now. I know I railed on the concept earlier when we played the Mariners, but in the long run I suppose it’s better. We get to rest our starters a bit and we ensure that the bench guys aren’t rusty as hell. I still would like it to be done a bit more evenly, with the only one or two starters getting a day off. I think Ozzie should give Thome and/or Paulie a day off, which would mean more PT for Gload. It’s Ozzie’s squad, and he’s worked wonders for us so far, so I’m not going to bitch and moan too much. I’m still going to bitch and moan a bit, because that’s my job and right as a fan, but I’ll try and keep a lid on it.

-Angels’ fans have yet another reason to hate the Sox. Mackowiak looked out to me on that double. I think he got caught on the hand, it’s tough to say from the replays, but I think he was a goner.

-6 runs is a pretty good number. The offense had been a bit stagnant as of late (excluding that offensive clinic against the Mariners), so hopefully we’ll be on top of our game when we invade Jacob’s Field.

-Here’s hoping JD is okay. He left the game with soreness in his left calf. This is the same leg that he hurt before, so let's pray this isn't a recurring problem. He’s been arguably our hottest hitter on this road trip, and it would be a big loss for us if he isn’t ready to play against the Indians.

Sox Player of the Game

Joe Crede (1)


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