Saturday, April 29, 2006

Game 22 Thoughts

I didn't get to see any of the game, so these are just based on what I read and what I saw in the box score.

-Pods had another two hit game. He's all the way up to .232. He's not quite the catalyst he was last year, but at least he's not an instant out anymore.

-Most of the attention has been paid to Konerko and Thome, but Tadahito is quietly putting together a very solid April. He added three hits to bring his average up to .325. Now what I want to know is, was he just slumping in Spring Training or was hitting lower in the order such a big difference?

-Wow, Juan Uribe tripled and didn't score. Where's small ball when you need it?

-Joe Crede is all of a sudden under .300. I could have sworn he was just at .330.

-JD is still ripping the cover off the ball. We have a real legit 3-4-5 hitters.

-Speaking of our 3 hitter, Thome got the golden sombrero plus some extra on the side. 4 K's, I'm shocked.

-Freddy pitched a very average ball game. He walked four Angels, which is tough considering they are a free swinging team. I heard that his velocity was in the mid to low 80's to begin the game. And didn't get toward the 90's until around the fourth inning. That's real troubling.

-McCarthy had his second straight poor outing. Cotts did well though.

-Getting the win tonight would be a real luxury for us. It'll take the pressure off for game 3.

-Check out DickdaStick's post for more, especially the bit about Anderson.

Sox Record: 15-7

Sox Player of the Game:

Jermaine Dye (4)


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