Thursday, April 27, 2006

Game 21 Thoughts

-This was a discrougaing loss. It's not the fact that we lost to a lousy team, it's the fact that we didn't seem to show up in two of the three games. We were absolutely lousy in the last game.

-Buehrle clearly didn't have his best stuff, but he still produced a pretty good outing. He had one bad inning, and one mistake in the sixth to Ibanez.

-I'm glad Ozzie did put out a strong lineup for the rubber match, but unfortunately we didnt' come through with the win.

-Juan Uribe went 0-13 over the course of the series. That's awful.

-Speaking of hitless, Anderson went hitless again yesterday, but he didn't look awful at the plate. He seemed to be more aggressive than he normally is. He looked to attack rather than just defend. (cliche, I know)

-The catch by Bloomquist killed the Sox rally. Had that gotten through, we would have had Crede standing on second with two runs in. If that hit drops in, I think the Sox win the game.

-Another game changing play was when Buehrle plunked Johjima. He had him 0-2 I believe, and hit him.

-We lost yet another series out west. I think we've won just 2 series out west the past five years.

-Pods hit streak ends at 9 games. You're safe Joe D.

Sox Player of the Game

Paul Konerko (2)


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