Monday, May 01, 2006

Game 25

Sox Lineup

Podsednik - LF
Iguchi - 2B
Thome - DH
Konerko - 1B
Pierzynski - C
Crede - 3B
Mackowiak - RF
Uribe - SS
Anderson - CF

Pods led of the first with a single off of Lee. Inguchi followed with a single. Pods stole third and Iguchi stole second. Konerko hit a three-run shot on a 3-0 pitch. 3-0 Sox.
Vazquez pitched a scoreless inning.

The Sox and Indians were scoreless in the second.

In the third, AJ was plunked. Mackowiak singled. Uribe hit an infield single. Anderson was safe at first on an error, Pierzynksi and Mackowiak scoring. 5-0 Sox.
The Indians failed to score.

Lee pitched a perfect fourth.
The Indians sat down in order.

The Sox were scoreless in the fifth.
Javy pitched a perfect inning.

Slocum came on in relief in the sixth. Pods led off with a single and stole second. Thome walked. On an errant pickoff attempt, Pods advanced to third. On another errant pickoff attempt, Pods scored and Thome advanced to second 6-0 Sox. AJ singled, scoring Thome. 7-0 Sox.
Peralta singled. Martinez was safe at first on a dropped ball by Pods. Peralta to third. Broussard safe at first on a fielder's choice error by Tadahito. Peralta scored on the play. 7-1 Sox. Guthrie came on in relief and closed out the inning.

The Sox failed to score in the seventh.
McCarthy came on in relief. Sizemore singled. Blake followed with a single. Peralta walked, loading the bases. Hafner hit a grand slam. 7-2 Sox. Logan came on in relief and closed out the inning.

The Sox threatened, but failed to score in the eighth.
Politte came on for the Sox. He recorded two outs and Cotts came on to close out the inning.

Cabrera came on in the ninth for the Indians. Pods singled and stole second and thired. Sauerbeck came on to face Thome. Thome singled, scoring Pods. Sox 8-5. Mota came on in relief.
Jenks came on with two on and no outs. Broussard singled scoring Peralta. Jenks closed the game out for the save.

Sox win 8-6

Sox Record: 18-7


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