Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Game 27 Preview

Gil Meche 1-2, 4.78 for the Mariners


Senor Puff'n'Stuff, Freddy Garcia 4-1, 5.86 for the ChiSox

The Sox kick off their 8 game home stand with another two game set. This time against the Mariners. (I really dislike these two game sets)
The Sox recently lost two of three in Seattle, but I expect them to win both games.

After Seattle we have three games against KC and then the Angels come to town.
I'm going to set an ambitious goal for this home stand. I want the Sox to go 7-1, and they can drop the one game against the Angels. If you look solely at recent form, the Sox look in good shape to go 8-0, but things are bound to happen and odds are things won't work out for at least one game, so I'd be quite pleased with 7-1.


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