Saturday, July 08, 2006

This Sure Wasn't Game 1 Of The Playoffs: Game 86

Sox Lose 2-7

-I was hoping for a repeat of game 1 from the ALDS last year, but it was far from it

-I thought our Sox were actually going to make a game of it, after scratching back and tying the game up with two bases loaded sac flys by JD. I probably should have looked deeper into things, considering we had the bases loaded twice and only got 2 runs out of it. In the first we had bases loaded and one out, and in the third we had bases loaded and no outs.

-Buehrle had his second straight poor outing since being named to the all-star team. You would think that he would try and justify Ozzie picking him, but he's doing quite the opposite.

-McCarthy is continuing to be frustratingly inconsistent. I thought he was starting to straighten things out, but his last few outings have all been poor. He gave up two solo shots in the ninth, and I feel like I have said that recently. (After checking back, McCarthy gave up 2 solo shots against the Orioles in their 8-1 loss on July 3).

-Big Papi is on a real tear right now. IBB's may be in order.

-One bit of good news. The human gas can, Cliff Politte, pitched 2/3 of an inning of scoreless relief; granted he very nearly did give up some runs.

-Big Ups of the Night to Alex Cintron. He was the only player to actually show up. He reached base three times, going 2-3 on the night with 2 runs.

Sox Player of the Game

Alex Cintron (4)

Sox Record: 56-30


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