Thursday, July 06, 2006

Game 85 Preview

Russ Ortiz 0-5, 7.33 for the O's


Javier Vazquez 8-4, 5.15 for the ChiSox

The Sox go for the series win today. We're not exactly playing a great team, so maybe Javier will continue the small run of good pitching.

Remember ALL readers, post your Pick to Clicks on the comments.


Blogger Jeeves said...

Did Thome "click" yesterday?

I agree with just picking one guy and if he isn't in, tough. (I'll admit, I've been the most guilty of that, since I'm away and all, but it's a good rule.)

I say if we get more than 6 people consistently picking we should allow duplicate picks, but until then, TRY to avoid picking a duplicate.

I was planning on doing something like that during the all-star break. I was thinking about doing grades for every player. So I was going to grade them not based strictly on performance, but put a great deal of weight on how they performed against the expectations of them coming into the season. If y'all have any opinions, thoughts, or ideas either leave a comment or e-mail me at If anyone wants to help out with it and do a chunk of the grading, let me know. Or we could do a collaborative effort and have everyone write a few thoughts about each player and then I'll just post it all at once.

James, I like the call on Thornton for PotG. I'm always open to suggestions like that.

My PtC is Thome.

And thanks guys for being active on the site. It makes it so much more enjoyable knowing that people are reading the site and having some good chats through it.

7/06/2006 10:47 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Kelley said...

Jeeves, thank YOU for keeping the site up to date & interesting. But no thanks for taking my PtC for today, after I was the one bitching about multiple picks for the same guy. GRRR!

Okay, I will go with Cintron!

7/06/2006 11:05 AM  
Blogger Dale said...

I'm going with Konerko

7/06/2006 12:15 PM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

pick to click: Joe Crede

7/06/2006 5:12 PM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...


I know this is your baby, but I like the collaboration idea just so it seems more like a discussion...and we can agree/disagree with each other's thoughts.

You could slpit the players into OF, InF, SP, RP as posts so the comments wouldn't get too long. Maybe post each players pic and post each contibuters' comments under each one.

What ever you decide, I'd love to be a part of it.

By the way, on a completely different topic: in the AL Central, which team has won 11 of its last 16? You guessed it, the Kansas City Royals! Talk about a tough division.

7/06/2006 5:36 PM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

I think jeeves is cheating somehow!

7/06/2006 8:47 PM  

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