Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Cubs Hangover: Game 82 Thoughts

Sox Lose 8-1

-I know has Sox fans we are starting to look at the Cubs series as just another series, but for the players it is defintely different. It's a much more emotionally charged series than say a series against Baltimore. With that in mind, I'm not surprised that the Sox came out flat, but I am ASHAMED by this performance.

-No one came to play today, but Jermaine Dye. He was the only player to get a hit for the Sox.

-The Sox had more errors than hits during the game. Crede, Widger, and Uribe all flubbed up a play. That doesn't even take into account the miscommunication and collision between JD and Tadahito.

-Gooch is definitely the worse for wear after that collision. He sprained his ankle and will probably miss a few games. JD seems to be okay.

-James and I both wanted a strong pitching performance, but we didn't get one. Senor Puff'n'Stuff gave up 4 ER and 6 runs total. McCarthy gave up two solo shots when he came on in relief.

-Overall it was a very poor day for the Sox. I want to see a strong performance before we head off to the all-star game. It's always good to have some momentum when heading to the break.

-Big Ups of the Day should go to no one, but since I'm not a hugely negative person, it'll go to Matt Thorton. He continues to impress me. Even on a crummy day for the Sox, he pitched a solid inning of relief. In his inning of work, he struck out two batters, and 8 of his 9 pitches were strikes.

Sox Player of the Game

Jermaine Dye (9)

Sox Record: 53-29


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