Thursday, June 29, 2006

Give Me Back Montero: Game 78

Sox Lose 6-7

-Cliffy is the goat. A tough burden to bear for a middle reliever in his first game back from injury.

-I don't think Ozzie really cared about that game too much, and obviously the Pirates really really cared. They played tough, from what it seems, so give them credit.

-Big ups of the Night to Thome. He put us in position to win the game. It must be very hard for him to come off the bench as a pinch hitter, but he was still able to produce.

-Also big ups to the entire Pirates team, for beating the World Champions and team with the second best record in the majors after being down twice and giving up that 8th inning shot.

-So now it's back to Chicago. I'm guessing we get more support than we've ever gotten in Wrigley. Maybe Ozzie threw the game so that we'd be that much hungrier on the North Side. You know he wants a sweep this time around. Let's go Garland, Vasquez, & Buehrle. Need some serious quality starts.

Thanks to Jonathon Kelley for the top part of the wrap-up. I adapted his comment.

-I just want to touch upon Contreras' performance today. He gave up 6 runs in 5.1, which has raised his ERA to a whopping 3.54. At one point, there were people wondering if he'd be able to remain below 3.00 for the season; it seems like whether or not he'll remain below 4.00 is a more legitimate question at this point. I know that the last sentence was a bit of a exaggeration, but the results just aren't there right now. In today's game, he wasn't wild like in the old days. he only had two walks, but he gave up a dozen hits. I'm fully confident that if Jose puts some time in with Coop, he'll return to his dominating self.

-Riske and Cotts got the job done in relief, too bad Politte didn't. At this point, I can confidently say, we would have a dominant 'pen if we can find a reliable reliever to take Politte's spot.

Sox Player of the Game

Alex Cintron (3)

Sox Record: 51-27


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