Monday, June 26, 2006

Close But No Cigar: Game 75 Thoughts

Sox lose 10-9

-This is what a nine game winning streak will to do you. It gives you a never say die attitude. I know the Sox normally are one of the best at coming back from a large margin, but I think they used every bit of momentum they had coming into the game to force this one to extras.

-Vazquez seemed real hot and cold. He'd cruise through some innings, but then in others he would get torched. I hope he can bounce back and start to pitch better. He's really starting to worry me.

-I love how the Sox always seem to hit Qualls and Lidge hard. It must have been electric in the park after Gooch hit that slam. And by the way, that's the third straight game with a slam by a Sox player.

-Montero shockingly turned in three scoreless innings, granted they were garbage time innings at the time.

-It's hard to find too much fault with McCarthy. It's real hard hold a team scoreless after giving up a leadoff triple. (Although the Sox came up empty handed twice, in the same situation.)

-Outside of Gooch, no one was that spectacular for the Sox, unless you count Thome for having a spectacularly bad game. 0-6 with 4 k's.

-The win streak was bound to end, but it's a shame it ended in such a heartbreaking fashion.

-Big ups to the ninth inning batters that sparked the 4-run comeback.

Sox Player of the Game

Tadahito Iguchi (5)

Sox Record: 49-26


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