Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chicks Dig the Long Ball: Game 73 Thoughts

Sox win 7-4!

-I'm sure Lisa Dergan must be quite pleased with her hubby, Pods, after he hit his first career grand slam. There's something about Pods and the Astros; I couldn't help but think back to his game 2 blast from the World Series. Pods also threw in a very nice triple. He got the harder two legs of the cycle, but alas he didn't get anymore hits.

-I'm a little worried that we didn't bring Pods in from third after his lead off three-bagger. That's the second time in two nights that we've had a man hit a triple (Dye's was on an error) with less than 2 outs and, and neither of them scored.

-Contreras pitched well by normal stnadards, but kinda crummy by his standards. He didn't have his best stuff, and I think he took his foot off the gas after we jumped to a 6-0 lead. He won his franchise record 16 consecutive decision. The Count, unfortuntaley, didn't set a new personal strikeout record this time out. His last two outings, he bested his previous high. He reached 11 two outings ago, and 13 last time out.

-The Sox have won 8 straight. [knock on wood] Can they reach that elusive nine win plateau?

-The bullpen was great today. They pitched 2 2/3 of perfect relief. Riske was great. I love his stat line...He pitched a 5 pitch inning, and 4 of those 5 pitches were strikes. I feel really confident with him in the 'pen. Jenks came on for the third straight night and again pitched great. I guess beginning his career as a starter pays off in the sense that he has a stronger arm than most relievers.

-I just looked at the box score, and reading our pitcher's ERA just makes me smile. Contreras 3.15, Cotts 3.10, Riske 2.92, and Jenks 2.76. That's some dominating pitching.

-We roughed up another lefty. We chased Pettitte out in the fifth after he gave up six runs. To be honest, I think we just wore him down. He was constantly in high pressure situations and he couldn't pitch out of them all.

-A couple statistical things I noticed...The Sox scored all 7 runs with 2 outs. Iguchi had a golden sombrero tonight.

-Big Ups of the Night to the 'pen for continuing to restore my confidence in them. It's a far cry from a few weeks ago when I was screaming for a trade. Technically, I got my trade, now that I think about it.

Sox Player of the Game

Scott Podsednik (6)

Sox Record: 48-25


Blogger DickdaStick said...

Going to the game today...

Thome's my pick - he's got the thunder stick.

Looking for Jon to keep dealing and keep the 'stros reeling.

So let's get number Nine
and jump to the head of the Line !

Okay...I'll keep my day job - hey it's a long season, got to keep it fresh.

6/24/2006 9:35 AM  
Anonymous james said...

About Pods...we the fans and even Ozzie have been ripping him and his defense and his slump a lot lately, but I find it pretty funny that on jeeves' list he's 5th in PotG out of 20 such players and 65 awarded. He's been very streaky this year, Juan Uribe-like streaky.

6/24/2006 11:04 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I noticed the same thing. I was shocked at how high he is on the list, considering how much I rip on him. I guess when he brings his A game, it's on nights where no one else was all that outstanding.

6/24/2006 11:17 AM  

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