Thursday, July 06, 2006

AJ Punched! And The Orioles Are Too! Game 85 Recap

That's a Pale Hose Winner! 11-8

-Well, well, well, I guess Dennis the Menace isn't as unloved as we were originally led to believe. AJ Pierzynski, the White Sox's resident bad boy, was voted into Tuesday's All-Star Game at Pittsburgh's PNC Park solely by fan internet voting, garnering around 3.6 million votes! I myself voted between 100-150 times and can't help but beem with pride and cry in pain from the onset of carpel tunnel! Oh, the sacrifice we make to be White Sox fans.

-Jeeves will be very happy to know that his "pick to click" clicked big-time in tonight's game with a grand slam and a 2 run shot. Jim Thome as the Player of the Game is certainly a no-brainer, and starting tomorrow he'll have a chance to go head-to-head against his chief competition for the stats leadership in HRs and RBIs in David Ortiz. I think he's starting to heat up again in the way he started the season.

-Everyone in the lineup either scored a run or had a hit including what turned out to be a huge 3-run jack by Jermaine Dye who was promptly backed up by AJ with a HR of his own. This team is rolling offensively.

-JavyVazquez is not a smart pitcher. While his K:BB ratio is surprisingly good, his ERA is not. And once again he couldn't play over an error committed by Alex Cinton (who is still filling in for an ailing Iguchi). He leaves way too many pitches over the plate that get clobbered, and when things didn't go his way early, he pulled a mini-Carlos-Zambrano and lost his head. If Javy made less money, maybe this trade isn't as scutinized, but he's gonna need a strong, Jose Contreras-like second half if he wants to stay in Chicago past this year. KW will jetison the dead weight.

-Speaking of dead weight, poor Cliff Politte is not long for DFA status after his awful 9th inning tonight -- 3 earned runs. Yikes! He was such an integral part of the White Sox 's success last year that his implosion this year hurts to see. Maybe he's hurt more than he's letting on, maybe he just not pitching as well, maybe he's a twin brother of Cliff's that we've never seen and Cliff wants him to get lucky from a few MLB groupies. Whatever the case the Cliff Politte pitching for the White Sox right now will be gone no later than the trade deadline, and maybe even earlier if Dustin Hermanson's rehab goes well. (By the way, in one inning, Hermy gave up no hits or runs.)

-I was tempted to start an arguement for Matt Thornton as the PotG after he cleaned up Cliffy's mess, but Jeeves kindly obliged me once yesterday with the selection, so I'll give my Big Ups to him, JD and BA who made a fabulous running catch tonight and had a few hits too.

-Oh, and as I said in the comments, I think Jeeves is cheating when it comes to Picks to Click! Just kidding! Nice job by our fearless leader. I too would like to echo the sentiments of Mr. KellEy in thanking Jeeves for doing a great job with this blog. Oh, and a Big Ups goes to all our commentors too!

White Sox Player of the Game

Jim Thome (10)

White Sox Record: 56-29


Blogger Jonathan Kelley said...

I believe that is 9 straight winning series. I think it would be extra special to make it 10 against the AL East leaders. What a series - our starters with a 28-10 record vs. theirs with a 23-7 record. Lots of all-stars and World Series heroes in there. And us still a game out of first. I'm there!

I'm really over Jeeves and his PtC's. I think he's got the opposing pitchers on his payroll. Note that I was gonna pick Thome but got screwed by my own rule...

How awesome would it be to see Thome hit 60? I know we're a long way off, but with Konerko & Dye there, you know he'll see some great pitches. Not putting pressure on the guy, but...

Okay, Gooch, come back tomorrow. We need our full complement on defense during the SoxSox series.

7/06/2006 11:52 PM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

Congrats to AJ....alot of "dead" computers were punching out the votes over the last 24 hours !

Thome should reach the 50's....60 would be a stretch - but I'd love to see it. He would have to get on a real tear or two.

Our erstwhile slugger, Big Frank has just hit a 2-run walk off for the A's - he's got 19 !! I'm happy for him.

Red-hot...maybe I should say White-hot series coming up this weekend as Kelley noted. Hoping to go to at least one of them and I know it'll be atmospheric there.

Our pitchers need to chill out Big Papi - I don't want him admiring any shots in our house !

7/07/2006 12:27 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I suddenly feel like the Yankees of the late 90's. We're the champs and the All-Star team is stacked with our players. I'm super pumped AJ is on the all-star team.

I have connections with the mob, so they're the ones paying off the pitchers.

7/07/2006 9:58 AM  

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