Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 67 Thoughts

Sox win 12-4

-Another truckload of hits from the Sox. It was the second straight game with at least 15 hits; they had 16 today. Every starter, yes including the pitcher, got a hit, again. The offense is in a groove right now.

-Clausen is a lefty, and we roughed him up 9 runs in only two innings.

-Garcia made one mistake, giving up a three run shot to Aurilia in the first, but after that he only gave up one hit until the seventh when he gave up a gopher ball to Kearns. It was Freddy's first win since May 20 against the Cubs. Like Buehrle the day before, he was efficient in his eight inning of work; he only threw 108 pitches.

-The bottom of the order is starting to swing the stick a bit. Uribe and Anderson are no longer just a black hole, where hits go to die. BA and Uribe put up a single and a double.

-Crede was a triple shy of the cycle and hit his second grand slam of the season.

-For notes on how Riske did, see Riske Business.

-Big Ups of the day to the offense for not slumping after a big game the day before, especially the bottom of the order for starting to turn things around.

Sox Record: 42-25

After slumping a bit, the Sox have now reached a season high 17 games over .500.

Sox Player of the Game

Joltin' Joe Crede (6)


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