Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Game 64 Thoughts

-Garland pitched well. If Dye had read the ball properly and not botched the fly ball, Garland would have rolled into the seventh. I like how Ozzie got Jon out of the game before he could ruin his pithcing performance. Garland looked more like the guy we saw last year. He induced some nice double plays, and didn't strike anyone out. I wish Coop could teach Garland a nice strike out pitch. There's no way he should go a game with striking anyone out.

-Damn good job by the bullpen. They came into the game early and shut down the high powered Rangers' offense. This was one of their better performances of the season. Since I can't award the bullpen PotG honors, I'll give them my big-ups of the day, to make James happy. It's days like these when I feel comfortable with Jenks, Cotts, and McCarthy holding down the 'pen. Let's see how long that feelinf lasts though.

-Everyone's fav CF, Brian Anderson, had his hit streak snapped at two games, but he didn't have a terrible day at the plate. He made solid contact each time up, but was unlucky to not eek out a hit. He did draw a walk without striking out once. Maybe BA is finally finding his stroke.

-Was Pods this much of a defensive liability last year? I seriously don't remember him looking this bad in the field before. He pulled a Mackowiak and gave Wilkerson a triple. It's too bad Anderson doesn't quite have the range to play both Left and Center. While I'm bashing Pods, I might as well note that his AVG has dipped to .250. After recovering from an abysmal start and actually reaching .300, he's started to struggle again.

-Konerko's homer was huge. It provided the margin of victory in what started as a pitching duel. It puts him one behind Baines for second place on the White Sox all time home run list.

-Ever since the Detroit series the Sox have started to look better as a whole. Things seem to clicking more. I can't explain why this is. Maybe they just refocused with the Tigers coming to town, but after these past few games a lot of Sox fans have climbed down off the ledge.

Sox Player of the Game

Paul Konerko (7)

with my big ups of the day going to the 'pen.


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