Friday, June 16, 2006

Riske Business

Davis Riske made a great debut for the Chi in the ninth tonight. This guy looks like a keeper ! Hopefully our pen is stabilizing now and we can get some good solid Mo' going and overtake the Tigers ( but don't expect any help from the Cub).

Bottom of the order is producing nicely last couple of games too - holy shit, what are we going to fret about now ?!??!!

It's all streaks and peaks and valleys in baseball, but you got to like the progress we have made recently.

Crede gets my vote for tonite's stud award. Kudo's to BA, Pods, Riske and Garcia too - once he got his focus.

We seem to have good numbers of fans in every park we plai in nowadays - it's Chi-Sox Nation out there !


Blogger Jonathan Kelley said...

Since there's no threads for the Reds series (sweep), I'll post my thoughts here.

First of all, amazing job by the Sox offense. That's 4 straight games with 13+ hits, and just about everyone got into the act. We did it with Thome out 2 games and Konerko, Ozuna & Crede out one. Even our pitchers got 2 hits. We now have 4 guys with 45 RBIs, 3 guys with 50, and a whole mess of guys hitting over .300 (compared to 0 last year). BA & Juan are starting to put it together, hitting for some power. And we're starting to score late, heh heh. Today we did a superb job of getting the pitcher's pitch count up, and by the final score you'd have no idea that it was a close, tense pitchers' duel.

Second, it's great to see Garland and Garcia start coming along. I don't see why so many people have been so quick to give up on them. All 5 starters have 6 wins and our bullpen is starting to look scary.

Third, defense. Pods' rough start aside, we still have an excellent defense, I think. Our subs have some issues but if we're looking for the pennant race & playoffs, that becomes much less of an issue. Uribe was brilliant today, including two of the most "HOLY CRAP" plays I've seen this year in the infield. More importantly, the subs are getting at-bats, which translates to hits aplenty from all of them - including Gload and Widger.

And like the commentators keep saying, this team is finally starting to gel as a TEAM. Two-out hits, late inning heroics, executing on bunts (except Uribe today), enjoying each other's company. That is a terrific sign as we get toward the All-Star break. Best of all, we won't have any starters in the Game (except possibly Contreras) so that chip on our shoulder will stay there awhile longer. And I think Ozzie is doing a great job of reminding them of that. His tantrums are magical.

Craziest stat of the year: Ozuna is hitting .500 in June.

His OBP is .500 in June.

His slugging % is .500 in June.

That translates to 15 time on base this month, all due to singles.

6/18/2006 3:26 PM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

great comments - I agree 100%

Ozzie has got them on a nice roll here - with lots of confidence !

Uribe and Ozuna are a real treat to watch - they just "make it happen "

Looking forward to the series with the Cards - World series preview ??

6/18/2006 9:43 PM  

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