Thursday, June 15, 2006

Game 65 Thoughts

-Vazquez had a trademark game. He got two outs and then blew up. I don't know why he continually does this. It's gotten to the point where even Hawk and DJ noticed. This one was especially perplexing, because he induced a DP to put escape a tough situation with runners on first and second with no outs.

-Apparently Sean Tracey was supposed to bean Blaclock, which is why he got yanked and why Ozzie freaked out. I can understand taking him out, but Ozzie shouldn't have laid into him like that in public; if anything he should have yelled at him behind closed doors. I hope that this doesn't affect the kid's confidence. He was visibly shaken afterwards. He kept his face in his hands or in his shirt afterwards. It's weird to think that Tracey got in so much trouble for getting out one of the Rangers' best hitters.

-I don't think Oz should have told Tracey to hit Blalock. He's just asking for a suspension, which wouldn't benefit us at all.

-It was clearly not our night after we failed to score in the third. The Sox had runners on second and third with no outs with Iguchi, Thome, and Konerko due up.

-The Padilla incident was bizarre. I've been researching and I haven't found any sort of past history between the two of them. For those of you that missed it, AJ was beaned his first time up on the first pitch. It was obviously on purpose. His second trip up, he was blatantly beaned again. The Ump then proceeded to issue a warning. Padilla should definitely have been tossed after the second beaning. I always hated the warning system. It's unfair that the Sox were unable to retaliate, and even if they didn't want to retaliate, it handcuffs the pitcher. He either has to run the risk of letting one slip on an inside pitch or just pitch exclusively on the outer half.

-Montero sucked in relief.

-Padilla pitched a ridiculous number of fastballs, which somehow baffled out hitters.

Sox Player of the Game

No one. Poor game, all around.


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