Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mediocrity Squared Beats the Sox: Game 154 Thoughts


So the season is winding down, and before tonight the White Sox had 9 games left and a glimmer of hope if the rest of the league would co-operate. One of the lowest franchises in MLB, one that had not one but four players in its recent past accused of harboring steroid abusers, the Baltimore Orioles received a kick in the pants when the fans bought tickets only to walk out in the 3rd inning.

I guess the players got the message cuz they've beaten one of the hottest teams in baseball, the Twinkies, two games in a row. The White Sox, however , did not get the message.

After scoring a run early on a Thome rbi single, the next inning Jose Contreras folded like hospital sheets in the morgue. And to add insult to injury, literally, he came up lame on a play at first for the second straight game. Now I'm not one to judge (biggest.lie.ever), but the Count looked to faking it to me. He looked like he wanted his season over right then and there, and would be hoping the Sox brass would send him home a la Derrick Lee. He surrendered 5 runs. FIVE RUNS! And that, my friends, is a season.

Ozzie may have managed like there was hope, he used at least six pitchers, but the players really didn't care. Sure they had moments. JD slid for a hit in RF to cut off a ball from going to the wall, but he's the exception.

Starting tomorrow, "the kids can play" better be the rally cry, and no less than four of the call-ups should be in the line up. If Josh Fields, Ryan Sweeney, Jerry Owens and Chris Stewart aren't in the line up, then the delusional will be reality.

Awards Time--------------------------------------

Bad Ozzie Move of the Game: Joe Crede: Professional Pinch Hitter! Yeah, Joe is hurting and it's quite obvious. The only solace is that there were two outs when he hit into the FC so it wouldn't be another DP.

Good Ozzie Move of the Game: Josh Fields started, and at least Ozzie managed his pitchers like there was a chance. No quit in Ozzie!

Play of the Game: I'm gonna say it was over when Sexson hit the snot outta the ball almost onto the concourse.

Big Ups of the Game: Thome for getting an rbi! JD for having pride. And Hermy for being a trooper.

And my White Sox Player of the Game is......

Juan Uribe (6)....and he had a cute little funky handshake with Jon Garland I'd never seen before.

Sox Record: 85-69...Don't bother asking.


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