Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fight the Power!

Residents of Bridgeport on Chicago's southside will gladly attest to the solid reputation of Jimbo's Lounge, a local watering whole located at 3258 S. Princeton. It's been run by the same family for a very long time, and since the demise of McCuddy's (a bar located where US Cellular Field's ticket windows currently reside) it's been the de facto home bar for Chicago White Sox faithful. Frequented not only by residents but players and management as well, Jimbo's has recently been living "high on the hog" with the neighborhood resurgence and the White Sox success.

Now comes word that the building owners of Jimbo's plan on terminating the operating lease on September 30 (or possibly after a playoff run by the Sox) and start their own business or maybe even install condominiums. According to The Tribune the family who owns the building has many ties to the community including Mayor Daley and organized crime. How about that for a dichotomy?!?!

While I think it's sad that what is now considered a southside institution may be closing it's doors, the landlords are well within their rights as the property owners to be a bunch of ass-munching dickwads. The ass-munching dickwads want to make money, they see a potential real estate goldmine, and they 're acting like Signor Roberto in The Godfather II . One American dream is being made un-American by a group of ass-munching dickwads.

What can you do?

For one, you can write about the plight of the good guys, in this case Jimbo's, by slinging verbal mud and excrement in the general direction of the ass-munching dickwads, and I recommend checking out some of ChiSoxBlog's friends' commentaries at Ron Karkovice Fan Club and SouthsideSox.

Secondly, you can patronize Jimbo's as much as possible so the establishment owners can make enough money to fight the ass-munching dickwads for as long as possible in court.

The ass-munching dickwads not-so-subtle attempt to destroy one family's American dream deserves to be thwarted, and it's up to White Sox fans to do the thwarting.

Show some support. Next time you attend a White Sox game or if you're in Bridgeport for some other reason, stop into Jimbo's and have a few brews and a bite to eat. Channelling Chicago's own (you hear me, Journey?) cheesy '70s & '80s rock band Styx, "Don't Let It End"!


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