Monday, May 08, 2006

Voodoo Anyone?

Man, oh man, this isn't good. Jose Contreras was placed on the DL retroactive to May 4. I don't know how he got hurt, he seemed fine during his last start.

Cheat from South Side Sox heard on the radio (from Bruce Levine) that Jose Contreras was placed on the DL after feeling discomfort in his hip after pitching a side session. There are no published reports yet, so I'm unsure as to what exactly is going down. Cheat and Bruce Levine are legit sources, so I'm unfortunately going to have to say that this is true.

There does seem to be some disagreement over what is actually hurt. Bruce said hip, but this link says back. The aforementioned link also says that it isn't serious. It says that Jose will miss his start this week, but be back for the Cubs series.

I hope it's a hip thing. I don't want a Dustin Hermanson-esque situation.

Charlie Haegar our resident knuckle-baller has apparently been called up from AAA and will take Jose's start. McCarthy just pitched on back to back nights, and isn't sufficiently stretched out to start, which is why he's getting skipped over in favor of Haegar. I will research Haegar a bit and do a post about him soon. Until then pray for Jose!

Too bad Thornton isn't the one who got hurt.


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