Saturday, May 06, 2006

Game 30 Thoughts

-Phew! Things looked much more like they should today. It was a good game for the Sox, overall.

-Vazquez pitched a great game. He flirted with another perfect game, this time losing it in the sixth. He great command of his pitches today and had 6K's vs 0 BB's. He was very unlucky to give up that second run. German just battled threw a number of pitches with two strikes. I no longer have concerns about Vazquez. He looks like he does back when he was pitching for Montreal. I don't know if this is thanks to Coop, but he's cut down on his HR's allowed which was his krytonite. He's by far the best number 5 starter in the league.

-I wonder if Ozzie will reorder the rotation this year. If I were to do it, I would keep Buehrle first, just out of loyalty even though Contreras is our best pitcher. I'd put the Count second, Vazquez third, Freddy fourth and Garland at the end.

-McCarthy looked good in an inning of work. I don't know why Cotts was in, but he struck out the one batter he faced.

-See pick to click for thoughts on Brian Anderson

-Thome's homer put the game completely out of reach. He's homered in three straight games.
He leads the AL with 13 HR's

-Tadahito was 4-5 today. He leads the AL with 7 three-hit ball games. He gets the nod for player of the game. His hits weren't spectacular but he did a great job.

-Gload got the start today again, but his hitting streak ended.

Sox Player of the Game

Tadahito Iguchi (1)


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