Friday, May 05, 2006

Game 29 Thoughts

-My pick to click did pretty well. He hit a solo shot, but other than that he was pretty invisible.

-If I had to sum the game up in one word, I would say Ugly. And no, we didn't win ugly, we lost ugly.

-Gload got the start again in RF, for the third straight game. Joining the bench brigade were Mackowiak in center and Cintron at SS.

-Yes, that's 3 bench guys again, which isn't a good omen.

-We had a lot of trouble hitting Scott Elarton. For some reason, we couldn't put together a lot of good swings on him.

-Pods played well, he had three hits.

-I thought for sure Crede's homer would be enough to win the game.

-Garland was erratic, but effective. He only walked two guys, but he left a lot of pitches around the plate that were hit for singles. He allowed 7 hits, and it seemed like he had runners on base every inning. He did real well in the first to get out of first and second with no outs.

-The 'pen was a disaster. They walked four guys, which ultimately bit us in the ass.

-Jenks' curve was biting today. It didn't dive like it has in the past, it just sort of rolled over. I think he may have been tired after being on the last two nights. Jenks is now 9 for 10 in save opps.

-I can't believe we lost to the FREAKIN ROYALS!

-I will give the Sox credit for nearly coming back in the ninth. Thome's two run shot was huge, and I thought for sure Crede would come through. Joe did get a hit, but I was hoping for a homer.

-Sox better win this series.

Sox Player of the Game

Jim Thome (4)


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