Thursday, May 04, 2006

Catching Conundrum

Starting pitchers with AJ catching:15-1-4 (wins-lossess-no decision); 2.2 Earned Runs per game average

Starting pitchers with Widger catching: 1-4-1; 5.5 Earned Runs per game average.

Contreras is the only pitcher that has not pitched to Widger this year and he's the only undefeated starter.
Buerhle has looked fantastic with AJ behind the plate with 6 ER in 4 games. He has been horrible with Widger behind the plate with 11 ER in two games."
Part of the poor record for the Widger could be that he's in the lineup on the days Ozzie plays 4 bench guys, but part of it could be his pitch selection. Certainly the fact that Buehrle, who famously just throws whatever is called, seems most affected is interesting. Maybe there's something to Hawk's constant praise of AJ's game-calling ability.


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