Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recognition for Contreras

People outside of Chicago are finally taking notice of Jose's dominance. Since his string of 13 straight wins started, I don't think I've heard the national media make much noise over this.

Well, that's all changed. I was watching Sportscenter and I quote (this was a lead out right before a commercial break)

"The mission in Chicago is to beat the White Sox and Jose Contreras. The man has been arguably the best pitcher."

That's not quite the exact quote, but it was something along those lines.


Blogger DickdaStick said...

Was at the game and thought Contreras was dominating. Not sure what blipped in that one inning with the 3 walks - couple of the calls were close and may have thrown him for a bit, but he regained it and finished strong.

I like when he drops down with the arm angle and puts more movement on those pitches.

He's the best in the American League for sure. Felix was off a little in the 1st and that's all we needed as we put 3 quick runs up before he got his shit together. After the 1st, he was tough too. Credit Thome for 2 great at-bats and factoring in on all 4 runs.

Quickly -

Crede is reaching cult hero-status with the fans

Ichiro looks almost as twisted as Uribe in his swing

Gload with another hard hit single

Thome warmly greeting and chatting with fans before the game

Pods just looks low IQ to me these days - I think it's mostly mental with him

Jenks throwing deuces like a pro now and getting very good results

Ozzie got his first 20 wins of the season and projects out to 116 - 46 record at this rate !! Maybe he is a genius ?!?

5/04/2006 11:46 PM  

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