Sunday, May 07, 2006

Game 31 Thoughts

-I think there was a collective sigh of relief after this game in Chicago. There would have been an uproar in the ChiSox community if we had lost another series to the Royals.

-This game was a pitcher's duel. I don't know why we couldn't hit Redman, but he tore through us for the most part. Overall we've struggled against lefties. We're now 6-6 in games against southpaws.

-Buehrle pitched decently today. He looked closer to the pitcher people were talking about possibly winning 20 wins. I don't know what happened in the fifth though. He was cruising, and after Buddy Bell got tossed he gave up back to back jacks. Maybe he temporarily lost focus. Other than those two pitches, he was pretty solid.

-The bullpen performed much better today. Politte did okay. He gave up a leadoff double in the eighth, but we got through that. Thornton did his job and retired the lefty, Guiel. McCarthy looked much better, granted he did only face one guy. His hook at the end of the at bat was insane.

-Jenks, after a day's rest, had good control of stuff. He pitched well in the ninth.

-Oz threw out his patented Sunday Lineup, but I can't find fault with it this time. Widger was in to give AJ the day off after a night game. Mackowiak was in for Dye who's hurt still. Ozuna deserved a chance to start after his heroics, so i'm fine with that as well.

-Joe Clutch came through again. Like I said before, I think everyone was expecting a hit from him. Joe Crede is a becoming a cult hero in the Southside. His new swing has turned him into a top third baseman.

-Robinson, the Royals CF, made Pablo Ozuna look like a good outfielder today. On Crede's double, he lept onto the fence as though the ball were flying over the wall, but the ball bounced on the warning track for a ground-rule double. It was a bizarre play, especially because it was originally called a homer.

-Ozuna came through again with that triple. He's becoming pretty clutch himself. He also made another terrible read on a ball hit deep. The ball hit the wall, but Ozuna was looking in the complete opposite direction. He recovered so the runner didn't advance to third, but he still looked like a putz.

-Even if the suicide squeeze had worked, I would still have prefered Tadahito to hit. He's one of our best hitters this year, and he was coming off a four hit day. I would have given him the green light to swing away.

-Tiger Watch - The Tigers lost 4-2 to the Twins.

Sox Player of the Game

Joe Crede (4)


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