Monday, January 08, 2007


Sorry for the hiatus, I realize these are my first three posts of the New Year. I didn't mean to go so long between posts, but Winter Break sort of disrupted my blogging pattern (namely writing when I should be doing homework). Rest assured, I'll be back in full force by the weekend. I can't make promises with regards to this week, but odds are I'll be posting prety regularly again.

Look forward to my take on the best pitcher's of all-time. It'll be similar to my analysis of the best hitters, where I won't provide a definitive answer so much as I will provide some tools to compare pitchers from different eras.


Also, welcome to D.T. Kelly, the newest writer at CSB! D.T. for awhile ran his own sports blog, and was a frequent commentor on this site. He's recently started the blog, the Exploding Pinwheel, so between here and his site, you should hear plenty from DT.


A Belated Happy New Year to you all! My resolution is to have the White Sox win another World Series.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Happy new year to you too, Jeeves.

And welcome aboard, DT Kelly.

1/09/2007 7:05 AM  

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