Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A View on Cheaters

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I like how MLB players get blasted for cheating, while NFL players seem to get a relative free pass. I realize the MLB has lost the trust of America after all those years of steroid filled baseball, but it's ridiculous how little crap Shawne Merriman is getting in the press, especially in comparison to the attention being paid to Kenny Rogers.

When comparing these two cheaters, I guess you have to look at the magnitude of the act and the magnitude of the stage it was set upon. Kenny Rogers had a little gunk on his hand, which is something pitchers have been doing for years. An unnamed bullpen coach says that pitchers regularly use shaving cream and suntan lotion to the same effect. So the Gambler having some shmootz on his hand that looked remarkably like poo doesn't seem that big of a deal, to me. I suppose the public outcry about this act is mostly due to the fact that it was done during the playoffs and the World Series, baseball's biggest stage.

Merriman on the other hand, committed an act that is banned by our government. He broke the law; he obtained and used steroids. He broke a federal law, so he gets is a 4 game suspension. It's disturbing ot me that I've heard more talk about how the suspension affects the Chargers' D and their playoff chances than I've heard about this being a black mark on his record. I remember watching SportsCenter and they did a six-pack or a Fact/Fiction, one of those gimmicks, and the first question was how does this imapct the Chargers and their D?

Frankly, it should be the other way around. We shouldn't be lambasting the guy that tried to get a small, but legal (in the court of law) advantage. We should be tearing apart the one who broke a law. In my mind Shawne Merriman is the bad guy, not Kenny Rogers.

This wasn't something I was planning on getting into, but as I was typing, I started to wonder why football players generally get a free pass when compared to baseball players. So these are just my thoughts typed out. There isn't too much rhyme or reason to it, but I just thought I'd get it out there...

I think for the most part, people hold baseball players to a higher standard than football players, but as I think about it, a lot of it comes down to the player. Rafael Palmeiro got busted and was crucified for it, because he earlier had spoken out about steroids and stated that he had never used them. Jason Giambi who was generally liked, admitted to using steroids, sort of, and for the most part he was still generally liked. He ended up winning the comeback player of the year award in '05, which is voted for by the fans. I was shocked that he had actually won. I thought there would be some sort of backlash for his somewhat admitted steroid use, but people happily focused their ire on A-Rod instead. Those are sort of the polar opposite reactions that we've seen. Unfortunately for my analysis, but fortunately for the game, there haven't been too many big name players that have been busted. Jose Canseco admitted to it, but people were more concerned with the fact that he was squealing on others. The jury is still out on Big Mac. Some people hate him for doing steroids, some hate him for not saying anything at the Senate hearing, some hate him for looking like Fat Bastard after the weight loss, with a vagina for a neck, and some like him for "saving baseball" and being a good guy.

It's funny that Barry Bonds hasn't entered my thoughts until now. That's how much of an afterthought he was to me this season. He's been grilled in the media, because for most of his career he's been as ass to the media. In the court of public opinion, he's being grilled for the fact that he apparently cheated his way past the beloved Babe Ruth. If he cheated (which I think he did) then he deserves the abuse. If he didn't, then America went a bit overboard.

I would be shocked to see Merriman receive the Barry Bonds treatment when he returns. There might be one or two signs during his first couple games back, but I highly doubt that this will end up tarnishing his reputation. As soon as he gets another sack or pick, and is back to helping the Chargers and fantasy owners with the Chargers' D win, all will be forgotten. One of the only footballers that has taken a big hit (no pun intended) is Bill Romanowski. Again, that's partially due to the fact that he's an ass and he's crazy.

Maybe I'm off and Merriman will get his comeuppance, but I have a strong feeling he won't. Just from what I've seen and I've heard it seems like footballers get a general pass when it comes to the whole cheating/steroids thing.

I apologize for the rambling-ness of that last portion, but like I said it's just stuff running through my head. It wasn't exactly something I was planning on writing about.

Thoughts anyone?

Oh by the way, some of my friends pointed out that they think Merriman gets off with a light suspension (4 games) at least compared to baseball players (50 games) but when you think about it in terms of the whole season, 4/16 = 25% of the season and 50/163 = 30% of the season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am i the only one who is sad when i go to the sox website and its just the plain sox logo, no 2005 world series champs logo to accompany it?

10/26/2006 2:36 PM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

haha...I noticed the same thing. It was a sad day indeed!

10/26/2006 3:17 PM  

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