Friday, August 04, 2006

The Funeral is Delayed: Game 107 Thoughts

That's a White Sox Winner 6-4!
  • So maybe I over-did it a little after Wednesday's crap fest.Okay, maybe not. Maybe some of the White Sox actually read our blog and felt sorry for their fans. Okay, maybe not. Maybe the plug had karmic repercussions, and the Sox are destined not to lose again. Okay, maybe not. Whatever the case, today's game was a 180 from Wednesday, and I'm happy to report my impending funeral is hereby delayed.
  • Roy "Doc" Halladay versus California Jon Garland seemed a mismatch on paper even with Jon's recent hotstreak. And after the first inning, the paper looked to be correct. Troy Glaus is a man, baby, and he golfed a change-up over the centerfield fence. People like to say that was Jon's one mistake for the game; I, however, disagree. If it was one mistake it would have only cost him one run, but it was a 3 run homer. I will say that it was Jon's one bad inning, and they were the only runs the Blue Jays would score on Jon for the next 6 innings.
  • Enough Garland slurping. Alright maybe a little more...he threw 4, count 'em, 4 double play balls. He pitched out of trouble. Very, very nice. (Again, are you watching, Javy and Mark? By the way I feel bad calling out Beurhle as he's probably earned a little trust from years of service, but Javy get's no reprieve.)
  • The gunman, Doc Halladay has a 3 run cushion, so the Sox are dead in the water, right? Not this Sox team. Our Clanton brothers, Jimmy and Paulie, return to rewrite history going 6-7 with 3 walks against the deadliest arm north of the border, and the White Sox version of Jake (Kevin Costner's character in Silverado) delivers the big blast with a 3 run dinger. Oh, and don't you just love it when Jim Thome nails a double down the left-field line, rendering that ridiculous defensive shift moot?
  • Bad Ozzie Move of the Game: Ozzie Mack'ed us again, and after his misplay in the first I thought a follow up to my ledge-jumping was gonna be appropriate, you know, something like my decent into hell. Mack, my pick to click, wasn't any better at the plate either (0-4 w/3ks), but in all fairness CB Bucknor, the homeplate umpire, was just brutal to Mack, almost like Mack pissed in his Cheerios.
  • Good Ozzie Move of the Game: shortening the game by pitching B-Mac two very effective innings and getting to Bobby Jenks. (Let me say, I'm not worried about the homerun Jenks gave up to Glaus. Glaus is just a man, baby.)
  • Let me nominate Scotty Pods as the most maddeningly inconsistant position player on the White Sox this year. He went from awful on Wednesday to magnificent today (2-5, run, 2-out rbi, sb). I wonder if his playmate wife thinks the same of his other skills? (I know, that was a cheap shot.What can I say?)
  • So, in conclusion...the Sox win a big big game against a tough tough pitcher playing good solid all-around baseball.
  • Big Ups of the Game goes to AJ (Dick's Pick to Click) for a monster shot, and B-Mac for some clutch relief work.
And my White Sox Player of the Game is (drum roll please)...

Jon Garland (4)

White Sox Record: 64-43


Blogger Jeeves said...

I'm baaaaack.

Finally back and ready for some more blogging.

Thanks for covering my ass guys. Great work too! I always love reading other people's thoughts on the Sox.

I came back on a red eye on Friday, so I went into a coma today afterwards, so the sidebar update will have to wait til tomorrow.

I'm real pumped about the mention on deadspin. That link alone saw the site get over 1000 page views and 800 visitors. I don't need to tell you that that is a record for our modest little blog. Anyone know if this is going to be a consistent thing? I would love to get mentioned on deadspin consistently. I don't really know how deadspin works, or what the deal is with it; all i know is it's the mother of all sports blogs.

With regards to the site going slowly, I'm going to change the settings so that fewer posts show up on the front page, which should speed things up.

So, to close, thanks again guys for all your work and...

my pick to click is going to have to be Tadahito

8/05/2006 1:45 AM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

you made me laugh James !

I also thought Pods was very instrumental in that game - it's great to have him on base and bring his track shoes with him.

I didn't want to get neg on Mack - but he does NOT belong in CF. ...and bad karma shadowed him all night after that "single" he gave up in the 1st.

Today's pick for me will be Jermaine " I never have 2 bad games in a row " Dye. word verification for this entry is MFUCS I may have to send you to sensitivity training Jeeves !

8/05/2006 8:55 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I'll go to sensitivity training the same day Ozzie does!

8/05/2006 11:45 AM  

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