Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Maybe Beurhle Doesn't Blow: Game 105 Thoughts

Sox Win 7-5 in 10 innings!

  • Maybe Mark Beurhle isn't that bad. He gave up only two runs thru 6 innings, a far cry from the 34 runs in his last 5 starts! Normally I'd reserve the praise because the White Sox were playing the Royals, but according to Hawk, since early June the Royals have led the league in runs, doubles, walks and few other offensive categories. That makes me happily toss the "Royals Suck" theory out the window. I guess Alomar most certainly will be Mark's "personal catcher" from now on.
  • Ah, Joe Crede. Is there anyone on the White Sox more loved right now than Joe? Maybe Paulie, but that's it. Joe's line for the game: 4-5 3R, 2RBI, 1HR including a clutch 10th inning rbi single. When the rest of the team sucks, Joe has been pretty clutch. Baseball stat-heads including the Moneyball-crowd, Billl James, etc. like to tell people that clutch can't be counted or calculated. Well, their statistics be damned. Joe Crede is clutch. Extra innings, late innings, on defense, you name it: Joe Crede gets it done.
  • Ouchies. Three spots of pain for the White Sox right now. Jim Thome has back spasms and a sore wrist. The wrist has bothered him since the all-star break, and he's taken a cortisone shot recently for it. The back spasm are a new development that every White Sox fan had to account for when we first traded for The Thominator. All it takes is one funky swing, and Jimbo could land on the DL. We all knew this; we all shouldn't be surprised. Paul Konerko is hit in the arm by arm by a Scott Dohmann pitch, and it required x-rays. The results weren't available as of this posting, and he is also nursing a shin bruise.
  • The last member of the White Sox that is hurting is the bullpen. The normally reliable Thornton and Jenks gave up runs again, and as a whole the pen has been lousy of late. Sorry, I don't have any stats to show, but if the last three games have shown anything, it's that the pen is going thru it's rut right now.
  • Nice win for the 3+ subs crew. Generally when Ozzie uses three subs, i.e. Ozuna, Gload, Cintron, Alomar, the team doesn't fair so well. But with Uribe's recent struggles in the field and Thome's ouchies, Oz has been forced to do so. Good job keeping the winning going.
  • Big ups of the game goes to Buerhle for getting back on track even though he wasn't credited with the Win.
Sox Player of the Game

Joe Crede (10)

Sox Record: 63-42


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