Sunday, July 30, 2006

Poof Goes My Confidence In The Pen: Game 103 Thoughts

Sox Lose 7-8

-Yes, I'm overreacting, but the 'pen was awful for the second straight game. This time around, it did bite us in the ass.

-Cotts was poor again. He let two inherited runners score, as well as one of his own. Riske and Thornton actually each pitched a perfect inning. Jenks gave up the tying and winning run in the ninth.

-The O's may have found out how to crack Jenks. They laid off his off-speed stuff and sat on the fastball. It was the second straight night they lit him up for some runs, so let's see if this will be a continuing trend.

-Bobby was bound to blow a save. He had only blown one before that, so I'm saving minimal rage for him. I'm more upset about the game as a whole.

-Vazquez got hit at the beginning of his start and the end. He predictably ran into trouble in the bottom of the sixth, and the O's ended up putting up a three spot.

-Big Ups of the night to Thornton. Steal of the year!

-Jermaine Dye further endeared himself to Sox fans. I think he is on Crede's level of clutchness now, if not higher. His three-run blast was a thing of beauty. It's a shame that our 'pen exploding is the lasting image from this game, rather than his bomb.

-Paulie homered. Maybe he's breaking out of his slump.

-I bet AJ doesn't want this series to end. He went 3-4 today; for the series he went 10-13.

Sox Player of the Game

Jermaine Dye (12)

Sox Record: 61-42


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