Monday, July 24, 2006

The Twins Are Hot And Javy Is Not: Game 98 Thoughts

Sox Lose 4-7

-In their last 40 games, the Twinkies are 32-8; that's a .800 winning percentage. That's the definition of hot.

-Javy, yah, I think we're all aware of his troubles. Today was a trademark start for him. Cruises along the first two times through the order and then blows up. The Sox gave up 3 in the sixth and 3 in the seventh, granted only five of the runs were actually credited to Javy.

-I've suggested it before, in jest of course, but I'll say it again. Send Javy out their, and once he's done with the fifth, throw McCarthy out there to finish off the bulk of the remaining innings.

-The Sox of late are the anti-'05 group. They are scoring a bulk of their runs via home run. They aren't holding their leads. They seem to wilt under the pressure of a tight game. In 5 of their last 7 games, the Sox have held the lead heading into the sixth. In another game they were tied. Of those 6 games, the Sox have only won 2 games. If you haven't been watching the games, you would immediately assume that the bullpen has just been blowing all these games, but it's a combination of almost all aspects of the game. The defense breaks down, a starter blows up, a reliever allows a blast, the Sox right now have a knack for letting games slip away.

-This game was no different, they held a 2-0 lead and Javy then proceeded to surrender 3 runs along with the lead.

-Big Ups of the Game to BMac for pitching well in a losing effort amidst numerous trade rumors. I would imagine it must be hard to focus knowing you could very well end up in Washington.

Sox Player of the Game

Brian Anderson (3)

Sox Record: 59-39


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Javy didn't prove me wrong again...the 2-run hr, i could live with, but his gutless performance was giving up the next hr...he folded under pressure again, considering Juan staked him to a 2 run lead the inning before...maybe mac (if he isn't traded) should start a game

7/25/2006 4:59 AM  

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