Monday, July 24, 2006

DFA's & Trades!

Well, Kenny Williams has definitely not been sitting on his laurels while the team has been languishing as of late. Here's a rundown of his moves over the last few days.
  • Chris Widger was DFA'ed for "lack of preparation," and he wasn't too happy about it either.
  • In a trade for a minor leaguer, the White Sox then acquired the crusty old catcher Sandy Alomar, Jr., from the LA Dodgers, proving that KW can never have too many Alomars. (This is the elder Alomar's third go-round with the White Sox, prompted, KW says, by the coaching staff's insistance.)
  • Now today the White Sox traded minor leaguers Tyler Lumsden and Daniel Cortez for oft-injured but one-time All-Star Kansas City reliever Mike MacDougal who in 4 appearances since coming off the DL in KC has not given up a run.
  • In order to make room for MacDougal, Sean Tracey was optioned, again, to AAA.
  • One more thing of note, if you read at all, on the front page there is a story claiming the Sox are very close to acquiring Alfonso Soriano from the Nationals for what might be Brandon isn't a done deal yet, but I'll try and keep you posted.
So KW is trying to help out. MacDougal immediately become the RH'ed set-up man, with a decent fastball and a wicked overhand curve. The sentiment over at is that the Sox overpaid for him considering how cheaply they got Riske, Jenks and Thorton. But I like the deal if MacDougal can stay healthy. I remember his curve, and I had him in a roto-league and liked his production. He's way better than Sean Tracey and a better righty set up than Riske.

The Alomar deal...well, I can think of a few other back-up catchers that would hit better, but he's gonna handle the staff better than Widger, and that in itself is an upgrade.

Let see now if KW pulls the trigger for Soriano and what that'll mean for BA, Pods and Iguchi.

It's getting hot in here.


Blogger Jeeves said...

This is Sandy's third tour of duty with the Sox. I can't decide whether I like this trade or not.
I like it because...
-Widger couldn't handle this staff and Sandy definitely can.
-Sandy was with Buehrle when he first turned the corener and became a good pitcher. Maybe he can help Mark out of this funk.
-Perhaps Sandy can give some guidance to the befuddling Javy Vazquez.
-Sandy is a better hitter that Widge.

I don't like this trade because...
-He is OLD
-He has thrown out 1 of 32 basestealers.
-We had to give up a decent prospect for him. I know most prospects don't pan out, but I feel we could have given up far less.
-If (God forbid) AJ gets hurt, I don't think Sandy can hold up as the day-to-day catcher.

I like the MacDougal trade. If he stays healthy I think this will be a steal for us. I know a lot of people are saying we gave up too much for him in the form of prospects, but these guys don't strike me as the type to come back and bite us in the ass. I see a poor man's Jon Rauch in Lumsden.
MacDougal immediately takes over RH set-up duties.

I don't know what to make of the Soriano trade. His bat can't hurt, but pitching seems to be the most pressing concern for us. If we give up BMac like ESPN is speculating, that'll diminish our pitching and take away our back-up plan incase we suffer an injury to the rotation. I'm also a bit worried that he'll just be a rental for the year. I hear that he's heavily interested in returning to the Yanks. If we could give up Vazquez for Soriano straight up, I'd be all for the deal, but otherwise, I'm a bit iffy on it.

Where do you think he would play?
LF with Pods going to CF, LF with Pods going to the Nats, 2B with Iguchi getting sent elsewhere?

7/24/2006 5:53 PM  

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