Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mid-Season Grades: Relief Corps

Brandon McCarthy

Matt Thornton

Bobby Jenks

Neal Cotts

Boone Logan

Jeff Nelson

Cliff Politte

Agustin Montero

David Riske


Blogger Jonathan Kelley said...

Wow! Lots to discuss...

McCarthy: B
He's a starting pitcher if there ever was one, but he's done a good job of being a team player and doing whatever's asked of him. Given the follies of our starters, and what we know he's capable of, there are few fans who wouldn't feel relatively comfortable if he happened to end up in the rotation during the second half.

Thornton: A-
Easily the best surprise of the Sox season. We needed him and, outside of a few games in which NO Sox pitched well, he's been brilliant. I think it's fair to say he hasn't lost any games for us and has won a few.

JenKs: A
26 of 27. All-Star.

Cotts: A-
Last year he was remarkable. This year he's down in every category except his BB numbers are better. Interestingly, nearly half of the ERs and 3 of the 5 homers he's given up have come against the Indians...

Logan: D+
Hard to believe, but before his last 3 appearances he was sitting prett with a 1.86 ERA. AND a PotG, which isn't going away, even though Boone did. And what the hell kind of a name is "Boone" anyway?

Nelson: I
The savior of the bullpen made one bad pitch to Shea Hillenbrand to lose us a game, then pretty soon his career was over. Thanks for nothin', Nelly.

Politte: C
I can't help it. I like Cliff. He's been awful but he helped us win the most important game of the year to date. Coop isn't giving up on him, so neither will I. Yet. His second half could be key to our chances.

Montero: C+
His ERA would have been under 4 (instead of 5.14, where it ended up) except for his shellacking in a game the Sox won by 14 runs. He should be back.

Riske: B+
Not overwhelming but very, very solid so far.

Haeger: F
Try again, Chuck.

Tracey: F
There's no crying in baseball. Hit the god damn batter next time.

7/13/2006 4:24 PM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

McCarthy: Asked to do alot on this team and has quietly gone about his job and performed well for the most part. Would do even better in my opinion, if he was a starter with a known schedule.
Grade B-


Love his smooth easy style and growing confidence. ERA below 1.00 in last 11 outings. What a great acquisition for KW. Him and Jenks = smoke from either side at end of game !
Grade A-

Jenks :
Could be the MVP as well as Dye. Getting into Mariano Sure-thing status. Another great find off the scrap heap !
Grade A+

Like him alot and he has been improving as year is going along. 39 outings so far second only to Jenks 40.
Grade A

Scary motion that makes me think he'll break down somewhere along the line. Wasn't ready for prime-time this year - maybe next time up
Grade D+

Didn't even have time to finish that "cup of coffee"
Grade C+

Probably a nice guy - that's why Oz keeps giving him a chance, but he's hurt the team.
Grade F

Shows definite promise and could be next guy called up again.
Grade C

Another guy I like alot. Has come through nicely in a number of outings since here. Makes me feel our pen is now secure enough for the stretch run / playoffs even if we don't acquire anyone else the rest of the season. Has lowest ERA on team at 2.75

Grade A

1 not so great outing here, but is doing very well in minors and we'll no doubt see him again up the line for another audition.
Grade D-

Another guy with a brief stay here, but not without controversy.
Will be a more mature and toughened pitcher for the experience. Could be a winner - we'll see.
Grade C+

Overall - I really like our pen these days. They have gone from the biggest question mark on the team to the surest part of this team in a few months. If only our starters could take a cue !!

7/14/2006 9:45 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Kelley said...

So should I put my PtC for tonight's game here? I'm going with Joltin' Joe Crede.

7/14/2006 5:09 PM  
Anonymous Pander said...

McCarthy: I still haven't picked up on the buzz that leads Kenny Williams to label him "untouchable". His K numbers from the minors don't seem to directly translate to the Majors, where he seems to be more of a Garland-esque pitcher with a better change. He's got decent numbers, and he alternates clutch with unclutch enough to keep me on my toes, am I just missing something here? Maybe he needs a chance to start to really pour it on, a reverse Eckersley if you will. C.

Thorton: I've got a friend with whom I talk/argue about baseball with. A Mariners fan friend. To him: HA HA HA HA HA HAAHAHAHAHAH! LOOK AT THORNTON, HE'S PITCHING GOOD! HAHAHAHA! Seriously, he's been like a lefty Jenks up there or something, minus the filthy hammer. He's been throwing damn well, celebrate it up peeps. A-.

Jenks: Lights out closer with fewer blown saves than any other closer this year? A 100 mph fastball leading to an unhittable curveball that never seems to hang? You mean those kinds of guys are good? Worth lots of money? And we have one on our staff making not a whole hell of a lot? I suppose that's good, right? A+.

Cotts: I really wanted to cringe seeing him come into games like I did with Politte early on in the year, but he's started to earn my trust again. He's slower than Thorton, but damned if he doesn't make it look as hard to hit. His numbers are good, his anecdotal evidence suggests he's good...yep, another solid lefty arm in the bullpen. A-.

Boone Logan: Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! D-. (nobody fails so long as they try, and well, he mostly tried.)

Nelson: Na na na na...D-.

Politte: Na na na na...oh wait, he's not gone yet. Well...don't have the band pack their instruments quite yet. He either needs to get healthy or...well, yeah, get healthy. D-.

Agustin Montero: I would go into na na na na na again, but I'm not sure if he's around or not. That should be a pretty clear indicator of what I think about putting him up on the mound in key situations. Still, rather have him than the last three listed. D+.

Riske: Whew, thought we were going through the entire litany of poor bullpen options the Sox have used this season. Riske's been a good pickup, a reliever every bit the match of Bobby Howry at almost half the price. Works for me. B.

7/15/2006 2:33 AM  

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