Monday, June 05, 2006

Game 55 Thoughts

-The Sox finally put up a win!

-Vazquez didn't pitch great, but his stat line is deceiving. He gave up an ass load of hits (11), so he's lucky he didn't give up a bunch of runs, but at the same time he had some factors working against him in the fifth. First, he was sitting for a long time, while the Sox batted around the order in the bottom of the fourth. Second, there were a few balls hit that Juan Uribe would have been able to get to.


-Jenks though is good. He's 15/16 in save opportunities and is by far the most consistent reliever.

-Jeff Nelson is not the answer!

-I want to see Cintron face lefites. He bats .040 pts higher ve lefties than righties.

-Iguchi saved our asses with that grab. Like DickdaStick suggested, he's PotG.

-It's been a little while since the Sox have hit a homer.

Sox Player of the Game

Tadahito Iguchi (3)


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