Friday, June 02, 2006

Game 53 Thoughts

-Pitching was absolutely terrible today. I'm not going to sugarcoat it.

-Contreras didn't have his normal stuff today. He looked like the guy we got from the Yankees. He fell behind in the counts and his forkball was bouncing its way to the plate. Contreras gave up 6 runs; Thornton let two of his inherited runners score, which bounced Contreras' total up to six. In his defense, he didn't lose us the game, that was the bullpen's job.

-It seems eveytime I find faith in a reliever, he melts down. I thought I trusted McCarthy, and he lost the ability to throw his change. I thought I trusted Cotts and he lost the ability to get people out in tight games. Thornton is back on the hot seat in my mind. He looked awful yesterday. Hopefully it was just a one game blip and not a coming trend.

-At this point I trust Bobby Jenks and only Bobby Jenks in the bullpen. I trust the man that came in fat and out of shape.

-JD brought his A game today, unlike our pitchers. We only had 5 hits, but thanks to him, we still were in position to win the game.

-We walked 8 times, which is a tribute to the Sox new approach at the plate.

-Tiger Watch - The Tigers salvaed the last game of their four game set with the Yanks, saving themselves from a sweep.

-We went 2-5 on this 7 game roadie, which is very poor. We blew the opportunity to overtake the Tigers this week. as they struggled against the Yankees. That's what frustrates me the most. The Tigers finally lay an egg, and instead of seizing the divison we roll over and get whomped on.

Sox Player of the Game

Jermaine Dye (7)
Pictures aren't uploading at the moment!


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